Guardiola thanks Pellegrini for laying strong foundations at City

first_imgPep Guardiola has thanked Manuel Pellegrini for the foundations he laid for him to build on at Manchester City.Pellegrini, who preceded Guardiola as manager at the Etihad Stadium, guided City to the Premier League title in 2014 as well as League Cup successes in that same year and 2016.Guardiola, with a squad still relying on a core of players from the Pellegrini era, won the league by a record margin last season and has also enjoyed two League Cup triumphs.Pellegrini returns to the Etihad Stadium with his current club West Ham on Wednesday.Guardiola said: “Of course, all the players I have in my hands now were with other managers. They learned a lot from that and I have benefited from that.“In the last decade, they were involved with (Roberto) Mancini and Manuel (Pellegrini) and myself. All the staff and all the players, we have created Manchester City. I didn’t build it. I didn’t create it.“Many incredible players and managers, everybody, did something. Hopefully we can leave something for the next manager.“That’s the best we can do for other managers, leave something for the club and, of course, I got something with what Manuel did here.”The closing stages of Pellegrini’s final season at City were played out in the knowledge that the Chilean would be making way for Guardiola in the summer of 2016.This was made clear early in the hope that certainty would put an end to speculation over the managerial position, with Guardiola having already announced his departure from Bayern Munich.Pellegrini revealed later, however, that he felt the announcement changed the mood at the club and perhaps undermined their attempts to win more silverware.Guardiola is sorry if the situation created any difficulties for Pellegrini and was the reason the team may have under-performed.He said: “I think the decision was consulted by all parties, I think everybody was honest.“The intention was not to create a problem for when he was here.“I don’t know what happened in the locker room and what the reason is, but if it was the reason I’m sorry and I apologise.”last_img read more

Stag’s Chutney Explosion; 2 weekends, 4 big shows

first_imgAs part of showing appreciation to its customers, ANSA McAL under its Stag brand will be promoting four big shows over the coming weekends featuring some of the biggest artistes in the chutney business.On Saturday, November 4, the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground, on the Essequibo Coast, will come alive with the first show featuring KI and the Band as the headlining act. Also performing on stage on Saturday evening are Anil Bheem and Savita Singh also out of Trinidad and Tobago.On Sunday, November 5, the party continues at the Tuschen Community Centre Ground, Ease Bank Essequibo, with the same artistes – KI and the Band, Anil Bheem and Savita Singh. After that weekend, the artistes will depart Guyana and another team will be flown in for the next weekend.That team will comprise reigning International Chutney Monarch, Ravi B and his sister Neisha B. To kick things off for the second weekend, the Better Hope Community Centre Ground on the East Coast of Demerara is the place to be on Saturday, November 11.Headlining the concert on the night of November 11 will be Nishard M, a finalist in the 2016 International Chutney Soca Monarch. Also performing will be Reshma Ramlal and Nisha B.Adding some vibes to the evening will be Deejay Andy Muregan out of the Twin Island Republic.The Stag Chutney Explosive will culminate with the final show on November 12 at the Diamond Market Tarmac, East Bank Demerara and this is indeed expected to be explosive, since the man himself, the reigning International Chutney Soca Monarch, Ravi B will be in the house. Gates to the various venues will be opened at 18:00h and showtime commences at 20:00h.Advance tickets to the event can only be acquired during the Stag promotion. Customers are asked to purchase eight bottles of Stag Beer and by doing so, it automatically entitles them to a free ticket. This promotion is ongoing in the areas where concerts are to be held.If on the night of the show, persons do not have tickets, they can pay $1000. In addition to the concert, the beverage company will be giving away lots of tokens as part of its appreciation outreach.last_img read more

The unfortunate reality of grieving

first_imgDealingwith the loss of a loved one is unfortunately something that many of us inevitably will experience. The support networks that rally shortly after the loss can be a life-line but that support can only do so much for so long.When the door closes after the last funeral guest has left no matter how you have been coping thus far, there can be an overwhelming sense of finality and as support diminishes, coping with loss can seem insurmountable.Up until that point, there has most likely been a focus on the preparations for the funeral; one of the key functions of this age old tradition. In fact, when we look at the purpose behind this ritual it is clear to see just how much of a useful grieving process a funeral is. During the first moments of learning of the death of a loved one the shock and numbness that may be experienced can leave a person in a daze and only the necessity of making arrangements can bring their focus back.Having the opportunity to express the love and respect felt for the lost person in the form of a service and a final farewell serves to bring the reality of the loss home; the first step of the grieving process. The dignified and respectful care that can be shown is a last tribute that can be offered to demonstrate the depth of feeling we have allows an expression of love.Of equal importance is the transition of taking grief from the inside and expressing it on the outside through mourning and the sharing of grief amongst family and friends. Often seeing the love, affection and sentiment that others feel can provide a great support network and a sense of togetherness, pride and kindred spirit.However, the support network that has been in place up to this point can diminish rapidly as people return to their lives and it can be a lonely and difficult time for those closest to the person who has passed. Now the real grieving process may kick in.It is generally recognised that despite each individual’s grief taking its own pattern, there are stages that most people go through. These are firstly accepting the reality of the loss, secondly experiencing the pain of grief before adjusting to life without the person who has passed away and finally putting less emotional energy into grieving and moving on by choosing to focus energy into something new.These stages can over lap and become jumbled as grievers try to find their way through and the duration of moving through the stages differs from person to person. During which time feelings of overwhelming sadness, crying, tiredness and exhaustion, along with anger and guilt can consume.The thing to remember if you are grieving is that the feelings you are experiencing are normal. Each of us copes in our own way and good days and bad days can be mixed up. A very fitting description is that one day you may feel you are standing in the sea with the water up to your shins and you feel able to cope and then suddenly a huge wave comes along and knocks you off your feet. The wave’s analogy is extremely apt as the feelings can often feel as though they come in waves.Acceptance can be a very difficult stage as it means having to begin a very painful process. However the sooner we are able to accept, the sooner we can begin the necessary journey. Moving on can feel like a betrayal, but consider that the lost person would more than likely want the best for you and want to see you enjoying life again. Feeling angry is a natural reaction, whether its anger that the loved one has been taken or anger at ourselves if we are left feeling guilty for all the things we which we had said, done or shown that we will never be able to do now.The finality of death is difficult to come to terms with but its inevitability means it is a part of life for all of us. Most of us have been through the grieving process and no matter how well we cope or how long it has been, the pain never quite dissipates. What we cannot change we have to learn to accept no matter how hard. Allow the process to unfold. Do not try to rush it but equally try not to dwell in it. It is a natural process, a necessary process; experience it with the memory of your loved one burning bright.last_img read more

Govt exploring options for former Barama concessions

first_imgThe Natural Resources Ministry is exploring ways through which it could utilise the forest concessions given up by the Barama Company Limited.Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman said Government has begun a review “to determine whether we can use the concession as is, as a carbon sink and earn from it, or whether we can give it out.”He said the Ministry and the Guyana Forestry Commission are still to meet with stakeholders to determine the way forward on what to do with the concession. “There are some interests shown.  (we are to decide whether to) give it out entirely to one group or whether we can make parts of it available to smaller loggers,” the Minister explained.Barama announced last week that it would not be renewing its 1.6 million hectares forest concession agreement with the Government which expired on October 15. However, the company indicated that it would continue its value added forestry production which includes sawmilling, plywood manufacturing and veneering.Trotman said there is an opportunity for small loggers to supply the company’s factories. “We’re still to get into discussions with them where this will go. It may be an opportunity for smaller loggers to supply Barama with the logs so that their production continues and other people get a better bite of the cherry,” Trotman said.Meanwhile, companies in the forestry sector have been taking steps to ensure that value is added to forest products. There has been a concerted effort by Government to ensure added value to forest products locally.“(Companies) have been taking steps bringing in mills, maybe not the best mills but the fact is that they are making moves and we’re supporting them because we see there’s an intention to add value to their production lines and we’re supporting that,” Trotman said.The Iwokrama Sawmill came in for praise from the Minister for its work in adding value to forest products. “They are doing good work in terms of not just producing logs or exporting logs but lumber that is specifically sawed or planed and prepared for export markets,” Trotman said.Meanwhile, the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) facilitates training of stakeholders in key aspects of value added manufacturing. The GFC is also exploring skills training and capacity building in sawmilling to encourage added value to forest products. Additionally, the GFC is working with the Forest Products Development and Marketing Council of Guyana to seek additional markets for these products.last_img read more

Kenya dance their way to Bowl title

first_imgSeries leaders and Las Vegas defending champions South Africa settled for third after thrashing hosts USA 31-0 as Portugal beat Wales 19-12 to lift the Shield.“It was a good game,” said Opondo. “The Argentines were really tough in attack and we needed to make up for losing to them in the pool stages in the last few rounds. This win also makes up for losing to Fiji here last year.”Felix ‘Toti’ Ochieng charges were relegated to the Bowl after England ended their dreams of reaching a second successive Main Cup quarters this season with a 21-14 loss in their last group B fixture.Shujaa who edged out Samoa 19-5 in the semis to storm the Bowl final, ended their rotten run of three losses this season against the Pumas when they displayed a fantastic game in-front of the crowd in Vegas where they draw massive support.Homeboyz youngster Mwale showed he is worth selection amongst experienced players when he set the pace after missing a tackle from the left to go under the post as Lavin Asego kick went through for a 7-0 lead.The South Americans levelled minutes to the hooter through Santiago Alvarez after a swift move upfield to see both sides locked at 7-7 to the interval.Kenya turned up rampant on the restart with Opondo bagging a quick-fire brace to send the players into a series of dances as he scored his fourth try in the tournament before Mwale secured his second with an easy run-in from another well calculated Asego pass who converted all the tries.A bump and run at the death by Segundo Tuculet gave Argentina a decent ending when Dennis Muhanji was sent to the sin bin as Francisco Merello bettered it with diagonal run through the defences but time was against them as Kenya held on to grab the Bowl.Against Samoa, Michael Wanjala put Shujaa ahead from a quick taken penalty at the edge of the try line as Asego’s conversion went through.Samoa Toloa reduced the lead two minutes later when he burst from the centre and touch down on the left corner as the half-time buzzer went on.Kenya improved their performance on the restart, executing their passes well with Lavin intercepting a lapse pass and sprint to touch down behind the post to extend the lead and score his third try in the tournament.Asego created the third and final try when he brilliantly set Billy Odhiambo with a huge 20-yard aerial pass, who broke through in to the right corner for his fourth try in Las Vegas.-No mercy-In the Bowl quarters, Shujaa showed no mercy to the Portuguese scoring three tries against their single converted tryPortugal set the pace after Aderito Esteves exploited Shujaa’s defence to find space and go under the post, but Skipper Andrew Amonde turned on with a speedy response before the break to reduce Portugal’s lead to two.Lavin Asego lifted Kenya on resumption when he turned over in the dying minutes to add on Odhiambo’s try as Kenya booked a date with Samoa in the Semis.The early match of day two saw Kenya who have shown marked improvement in the last two legs once again could not beat the team that denied them a first Main Cup win two seasons ago in the Wellington 7s final after England ran out 21-14 victors.Oscar Ayodi and Opondo scored the only converted tries for Kenya with Richard de Carpentier, Thomas Bowen and Charlie Hayter grounding for England.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000NAIROBI, Kenya, February 15 – Tonny Opondo and youngster Bush Mwale grounded a brace of tries apiece to help Kenya earn sweet revenge against Argentina with a 24-21 victory to lift the Bowl trophy as the Las Vegas 7s concluded Sunday night at Sam Boyd Stadium.The win saw Shujaa collect eight points at the fifth round of the HSBC Sevens World Series and remain 12th on the log on 29 with four legs remaining as Fiji turned the heat on New Zealand to win the Main Cup with a 35-19 walloping as Australia won the Plate after beating England 21-14.last_img read more

Report clears antenna

first_img“The mitigation measures will ensure that the potential impacts resulting from the designation of the proposed radio broadcast tower as an obstruction will be reduced to a less than significant level,” the report stated. “Therefore, no significant unavoidable adverse impacts are anticipated as a result,” it stated. The report based its conclusion on a Federal Aviation Commission study saying the rebuilt tower would be an obstruction, but not a hazard, said Ruben Arceo, director of community development. The report and KFI’s proposal are expected to go to the La Mirada Planning Commission at its Nov. 15 meeting. The Fullerton Airport Noise and Safety Committee also is expected to discuss the report at a 5 p.m. Tuesday meeting at Fullerton City Hall, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave. LA MIRADA – An environmental impact report says a proposed reconstruction of a KFI radio antenna will not pose a hazard to air navigation. KFI wants to rebuild its 59-year- old antenna, which was knocked to the ground by an airplane in December 2004, on the same site, but at a slightly reduced height of 684 feet. The antenna is 1 1/4 miles from the Fullerton Municipal Airport. The report – produced by Keeton Kreitzer Consulting – said the Federal Aviation Administration will require KFI to include a system of white flashing lights during the day and red flashing lights at night. Rod Probst, manager of the Fullerton Airport, said the city plans to challenge the report. “The city of Fullerton clearly believes it’s a hazard and potentially there will be fatal accidents in the future by rebuilding it,” Probst said. “It hasn’t addressed the fact the tower has been responsible for three fatalities,” he said. A Temple City couple died Dec. 20, 2004, when their Cessna 1892 severed a support wire on the tower. In 1970, a pilot was killed when his plane flew into the guy wires of the tower. “This land use is 11,000 feet from the center of the airport and has in the past killed three people,” Probst said. “We find that unacceptable.” The station still has a 204- square-foot tower, but that antenna’s signal reaches only Los Angeles and Orange counties and is spotty in places, according to KFI officials. The previous antenna’s signal covered much of the western United States. The Planning Commission in December 2006 approved the tower, but in March, City Manager Andrea Travis ordered the environmental impact report to allow for more study. (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3022 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgSchool children from across the North West are to take part in the Réalt Uladh Irish language competition which will be held at LYIT, Letterkenny, on Saturday, March 2nd.The event boasts participants from Derry, Donegal, Antrim and Tyrone.“Without a doubt, our acknowledgement, sincere thanks and congratulations must go to all of the parents, teachers etc., who help prepare the children and young people so magnificently for their competitions”, said Caitlín Conluain, Stiúrthóir Réalt Uladh. “They are enriching our culture, music and heritage by keeping spoken Irish alive.”Réalt Uladh consists of thirty competitions which cover the full spectrum of poetry recitation, reading, writing, drama and singing.The competitions take place through the medium of Irish and are open to children and young people of all abilities (bun-ghrád and ard-ghrád), from pre-school to rang 6.The aims of Réalt Uladh are to provide children with the opportunity to improve their Irish, give them the confidence to speak Irish, to obtain fluency in the national language and to experience the diverse aspects of Irish culture. Primary school children can take part in all 10 competitions within their School Class Category. There is a beginners and advanced stage in the different poetry recitation categories. The categories are Pre-school, infant classes, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th classes.For further information or to download a Réalt Uladh 2013 entry form, log on to: or contact Caitlín at or on Tel: 087-3232326.The closing date for all entries including postal and e-mail entries is Saturday February 2nd 2013 for all entries including postal and email entries.The Réalt Uladh Office will also be open on Friday February 1st from 3pm to 7pm in the LYIT to take entries or queries. No late entries will be accepted.The entry fee is 3 euro per competition. Cheques should be made payable to Réalt Uladh. For group entry fees, check Everyone is welcome to attend and listen to the competitors.TIME TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN FOR RÉALT ULADH was last modified: January 18th, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:TIME TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN FOR RÉALT ULADHlast_img read more

Witnesses testify at hearing for 2 slaying suspects

first_imgHe identified Jaimez as the man standing by the store. He said the gunman stood in front of Adagio’s car door to prevent him from getting out of the car, and then shot him. He said no words were exchanged between the men before the shooting. Monroy and Wilson both testified that they got out of the car and ran after hearing the gunshot. “I was so scared, I didn’t hear anything, I just focused on running,” Wilson said. “I was just trying to get away as fast as I could.” Monroy said the gunman fired five shots at them as they ran away. Deanne Ariza testified that she drove Jaimez and Salinas to the 7-Eleven to buy beer at about 1 a.m. “After I took the beer out to the car, I went back in to get a Sprite,” Ariza said. “When I went back to the car, I heard a gunshot.” She, Jaimez and Salinas got in the car, and she quickly drove away, Ariza said. “I was scared,” she said. “I didn’t know if someone was trying to shoot me or us.” She said she did not see who fired the gunshots. Whittier police Sgt. Jim Uhl testified that Jaimez and Salinas are gang members. He said investigators believe the shooting could have been for the benefit of their gang. “Gangs equate respect with fear. The more fear-related the crime, the more respect it gets the gang,” Uhl said. At the conclusion of the hearing, Whittier Court Judge Roger Ito ordered both defendants to stand trial for Adagio’s murder. Both men are also charged with special allegations of being gang members and having weapons. An arraignment for the two is scheduled for Oct. 3 in Norwalk Superior Court. Jaimez and Salinas remain in jail in lieu of $2 million bail. (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3026160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WHITTIER – Aron Adagio’s mother cried and squeezed a balled-up tissue as a witness testified Tuesday about the moment her son was killed. “The gentleman walked up to the driver’s side door and pointed the gun at Aron,” Robert Wilson, a friend of Adagio, testified at a preliminary hearing for two men charged in Adagio’s murder in front of a 7-Eleven in Pico Rivera last summer. “I knew \ hit Aron, because I could see his head and his body go limp,” Wilson said in Whittier Court. Michael Jaimez, 26, and Michael Salinas, 21, both of Santa Fe Springs, are charged in shooting Adagio, a 30-year-old videographer from Downey, on Aug. 25, 2005. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe joys and headaches of holiday travel: John PhillipsAdagio and two friends drove to the 7-Eleven to get beer, witnesses testified. Adagio was leaving the parking lot when a man holding a black handgun walked up to his door and shot him in the head, Wilson said. He said he was in the front passenger’s seat when the shooting occurred. “Aron had drinks in his hands and set them on the middle console, and we slowly backed up to do a three-point turn to drive off,” Wilson said. “I saw Aron stop the car. I looked to my left and saw the gentleman with the gun in his hand.” Wilson identified Salinas as the gunman. Eddie Monroy testified that he was in the back seat of the car when Adagio was shot. He said he did not see the gunman’s face, but he saw another man holding a gun who was standing in front of the store and talking to the gunman. “As soon as we were going to drive away, I noticed a guy with a gun in front of the 7-Eleven,” Monroy said. “My friend Aron decided to stop the car and started to get out. I told my friend, `The guy has a gun, let’s get out of here.’ ” last_img

Lampard says Chelsea man Abraham has a ‘great chance’ of getting England call-up

first_img deals Getty Images – Getty Abraham has given England boss Southgate something to think about Getty Images – Getty All of his goals have actually come in his last three games with Abraham bagging braces against Norwich and Sheffield United respectively.The other goals by Chelsea were also scored by academy players, Fikayo Tomori and Mason Mount.In fact, all of Chelsea’s goals this season in the Premier League have actually come from academy players.Abraham, who is still eligible to play his international football with Nigeria, was not included in Gareth Southgate’s England side for their Euro 2020 qualifiers against Bulgaria and Kosovo this month. Tammy Abraham is in the form of his life for Chelsea rookie error Liverpool transfer news live: Star man wanted by Real Madrid, Mbappe latest and more Chelsea fan arrested for allegedly racially abusing Heung-min Son 2 What every Premier League club’s fans dream of this Christmas Pep Guardiola gives Man City injury update and talks Christmas schedule LATEST PREMIER LEAGUE NEWS latest Man United transfer news live: Haaland ‘wants a change’, two players off in January Ian Holloway thinks Arsenal have made a mistake in hiring Mikel Arteta Frank Lampard believes Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham is in contention to get an England call-up for the next international break.Abraham took his Premier League goalscoring tally up to seven after getting a brilliant hat-trick during the Blues’ brilliant 5-2 win at Wolves. 2 However, Lampard believes Abraham has a ‘great chance’ of making the England squad for the next set of internationals, which are in October.But he warned the striker to not rest on his laurels.When asked about Abraham’s chances of getting an England call-up, Lampard said: “Well the way he’s going, it’s obviously going to put him into that bracket.“Without telling Gareth what to do but to score seven goals in three games and be top scorer and to play with the quality he’s playing, he’s got all-round quality.“There’s three different types of goals he’s scored which is exactly what you want from Tammy – a messy one, a good header and a fantastic feet and finish goal. Spurs investigation into alleged racial abuse of Rudiger is so far ‘inconclusive’ appointed Steve Round reveals how Mikel Arteta convinced him to join Arsenal staff update BIG PRESENTS UP TOP PEP TALK statement “He has to sustain it. He has to get even better.“He has to be hungry which I know he is. He should never rest on his laurels because there’s more work to be done.“That England squad is a few weeks away and if he keeps playing at that level then he’ll have a great chance.”The result at Molineux sees Chelsea claim their second win of the Premier League season and rise to sixth spot.Their next encounter in the league sees them face Liverpool at Stamford Bridge.last_img read more

Donald Eugene Nice, 84

first_imgStop Music The Piano Brothers Donald Eugene Nice passed away on December 26, 2017 at home surrounded by his loving family who cared for him in his final months. He was 84. He was a retired farmer, a Dekalb Seed Corn dealer for 26 years, and former Superintendent of the Posey Township Water Corporation.  He was a former member of the Indiana National Guard, a Fredericksburg Lions Club member, a trustee and deacon for the Livonia Baptist Church, and a former Howard Township volunteer fireman, and a volunteer for the Washington County Food Bank, the Red Cross blood drive, the Friends of Beck’s Mill, and various others. He was a 1952 graduate of Salem High School.He is survived by his wife of 59 ½ years, Jerlene (Jerri) Aaron Nice; children Sandra Brown and husband Bronie of Campbellsburg, IN;  Jennifer Schoch and husband Dr. Lawrence Schoch of Madison, IN; Matt Nice and wife Glenda of Crawfordsville, IN;  Tim Nice and wife Lisa of Salem; 8 grandchildren, Samuel (Roberta), Emily, Cora, and Evan Brown, Annie Orrill, and Ryan, Kacie, and Jaelen Nice; and 4 great-children, Isaac, Evelyn, Alsea, and Elijah.Also surviving are sister Barbara Curry and brother Kenneth Nice and many loving in-laws and nieces and nephews.He was preceded in death by his parents Melvin Elmer Nice and Edith Kellams Nice, a sister Carolyn Hauger, and infant brother Thomas Nice.Don was an enthusiastic sports fan especially basketball when his sons and grandson played, a lifelong farmer who loved being on a tractor or looking over his fields, a helpful neighbor who would drop what he was doing to go to someone’s aid, a very hard worker who never stopped being busy until his illness, an avid conversationalist who never met a stranger, and a devoted husband, father, brother, and son who loved his family.The family has designated the following memorials: The Livonia Cemetery Fund, The Livonia Baptist Church, and the Washington County Food Bank.Funeral services will be held Friday at 1:00PM at Livonia Baptist Church. Burial will follow in Livonia Cemetery. Visitation will be Thursday from 4-8PM at Weathers Funeral Home and Friday from 11AM-time of service at the church.last_img read more