Dry cleaning industry must do a good job of health and epidemic prevention

in winter came, dry cleaning shop business is booming, a successful dry cleaners, health and epidemic prevention work must be done, so as to ensure the dry cleaning, clean and sanitary, beneficial to human health, for the dry cleaners to accumulate high popularity.

1. dry cleaners health requirements

if dry cleaners blindly recruit without physical examination or infectious diseases, may have adverse consequences for consumers and the unit of work and reputation.

2. staff health protection

in the laundry and ironing staff requires not only their own health, but also to strengthen their own health and protection in the work, and people have to have such benefits.

3. dry cleaners work area health management

in order to ensure the clothes clean, prevent cross infection, in the dry cleaning work area divided into polluted area and clean area, truly by washing the dirty clothes in the shop, clean out.

polluted area

polluted area refers to the reception, storage without disinfection, laundering clothes and processing area of the article. Pollution in the work of the items in the area without treatment, can not be arbitrarily taken into other areas, while the treatment of clean clothes can not be placed in the contaminated area.

clean area refers to those stored after processing, and meet the health requirements of the area of the article.


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