Huangyuan Scenery Documentary military enterprises to build demonstration village activities under t

from at the foot of the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Junggar, Dan to Yourenruzhi around, every Huangyuan military enterprises to build the demonstration village, are filled with a new harmonious civilized atmosphere, embodies the wisdom and strength of all military enterprises, write a magnificent chapter in the new rural construction in plateau.

this year, a total of 41 military enterprises and units in Huangyuan County 11 villages 5 villages and towns to build demonstration village. To this end, Huangyuan county to implement the responsibility of two county level leadership point of contact and liaison system, work supervision mechanism of leadership, have introduced the military enterprises build a model village activities of a proposed financial awards complement funds reimbursement system "management measures" and "project management".

"one village one plan, one village one style, one village one style, one village one characteristic". As early as last December, Huangyuan county planning department that is entrusted to the village planning to modify, supplement and improve the original planning and construction content and this year provincial "military enterprises build a model village" program combined, consistent, decided in the mobula liujiatai village build a rich Hehuang characteristics "the building of community, build farmhouse featured in the peaceful village of" folk village ", in the overall relocation of Taiwan, Hu Sidong, Ma Ni Shi Ya Wan 3 villages to create new rural communities".

to solve the problem of rural environment dirty and messy, fundamentally, the integration of Huangyuan County, nearly 10 million 130 thousand yuan of funds to the implementation of a large number of rural environment comprehensive renovation project, the village has undergone tremendous changes. The project have to establish and perfect the "village" village, the introduction of environmental remediation in front of three management measures; Ba Yan Xiang Yuan village Party members set up volunteer service teams, guide the villagers to actively participate in the village sanitation and cleaning activities; Zhen GA village Chengguan carried out every Monday day compulsory labor day system; Shen Zhong Xiang Mobulacun also launched a cleaner rotation system.

can not attend his home work, first to clean the village roadway;

free their own tractors, agricultural vehicles and other transport vehicles to the construction site, the transport of sand transport, ran back, busy;

father and son, husband and wife work together, the elderly, children to send water to support water heating……

in the event, the construction of village by dispatched vehicles, rubbish, demolition and road canyuanduanbi barns, construction of drains, the rise of the building, built, construction, built pool, climax to doors, change the kitchen, lavatories, changing circle "four to four" new rural construction.

in the building, the parties docking fast, fast action sector, the implementation of the rectification fast. Build supporting units to solve practical problems, to obtain the actual effect principle, funds help funds, material help materials, all efforts to build a village service, the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department led many in-depth contact point contact point village, now the Chengguan Town River Village and small Gaoling Village Station peace Township, coordination of funds 200 thousand yuan; the Party Organization Department leadership for contact point contact point village and Pingxiang Peace Village and town in the coordination village construction fund 200 thousand yuan. <;

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