Join the coffee tea market – wide of love

now, choose to enter the business of food and beverage industry franchisee steady flow. Want to eat in the market, a firm foothold, the election is very important to join the project. What about coffee and tea? With a special drink, worry about entrepreneurship, what are you waiting for?


and miss the coffee tea story, perhaps you inadvertently turn, will encounter in this corner of the coffee shop! Love coffee tea, coffee, tea, the perfect fusion of the two hemispheres of the characteristics, here you can enjoy elegant flavor of tea, taste and fashion romantic coffee, there are a variety of delicious dessert, ice cream…… The original afternoon tea life can be so colorful!

join the coffee fell in love with tea, based on the product and business model, business shop will go a lot less detours, investment advantages significantly. Qinhuangdao Xin Sheng food management Co., Ltd. pushed the products are based on a hundred years old shop, after years of market operation and shop line associates, has become a rookie in the restaurant industry. The product set of a hundred of the director, became the local famous snack.

coffee love tea? From Taiwan’s delicious, healthy fashion good choice. Start a business to choose their own coffee love tea shop, shop is earned! Healthy and delicious, delicious and can not stop, delicious business opportunities!

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