Business is also in the special service efforts


said that want to do business, but also need to do a good job of service. However, in addition to a variety of conventional services, in fact, we also need to provide some special services. In short, the current retail competition is actually service competition. Therefore, in order to win the initiative in the competition, many stores are trying to find ways to make the best of the momentum. However, the author believes that, in addition to our customers to provide all aspects of standard services and satisfactory service, but also in the special service to find ways, under the power, effort.

is to provide special services for the sick and elderly and other special guests.

general, Laoruobingcan customers in the shopping, the customer always harder than normal. Especially when they are in the face of heavy goods to buy goods, the goods will not be able to get back and other difficulties. Therefore, the author believes that, for this kind of customer home shopping, we must give special care for their physical condition.

example: even if they do not buy the goods to the number of door-to-door, if they really can not get away, we might as well carry out door-to-door service for them. For example: some old customers into the store shopping, due to various aspects of health and other reasons, can not stand too long, we may wish to shop a few chairs in preparation for them to take a nap. In addition, when customers are more likely to be able to give priority to them, we do not allow them to wait.

short, as long as the sick and elderly customers into the store shopping, regardless of their purchase amount, we should pay special attention and care for them, this is one aspect of our construction of a harmonious society, do need to love the people, one can also shop for us to win a good reputation, and establish a good image of our the store, improve our business reputation, will naturally attract more customers.

two is to provide special services for customers with special needs.

the special needs of customers is in the shopping time and the way there will be some special needs. For example: some customers due to the factors of anxious or other aspects of their evening party in the evening, even the night shopping needs. In response to this special needs, we may wish to extend the business hours than other stores, so that they can take advantage of the time to shop in the evening.

and for some not far away from the regulars, in particular, do not like to go out shopping needs of customers, we can take a phone call, door-to-door way for them to shop services. In addition, there are some demand for zero, or with damaged coins to shopping customers, as long as they do not leave the money, you can go to the bank exchange, we have to unconditionally satisfied with their services.


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