The development trend of Western fast food industry of the whole

catering industry has been a very hot industry, has a very large demand, but also a worthy choice of entrepreneurs in the industry, 1 to understand the history of the development of Chinese and Western fast food. 2 grasp the characteristics of Chinese and Western fast food, classification and the differences between Chinese and Western fast food. 3 familiar with the characteristics of Chinese and Western fast-food formats. 4 understand the production status and development trend of Chinese and Western fast food industry. Key points 1 the characteristics and classification of Chinese and Western fast food. The characteristics of Chinese and Western fast food formats in 2. Study on the differences between Chinese and Western fast food.

fast food era in China is growing at an annual rate of 20% per year in April 8, 2010, the China Cuisine Association organized the first national popular food and beverage forum in Beijing. Nearly 400 people from all over the country government departments, mass catering enterprises, experts and scholars attended the forum. Forum around the scope of mass catering, the current status quo, development ideas, market opportunities and other issues were discussed in depth. Fast food industry has become a new economic growth point of China’s fast food industry started late, in April 1987 KFC fast-food chain into the Beijing market as an opportunity to open the prelude to the rapid development of modern Chinese fast food.

data show that in 90s year-on-year GDP growth of 78% in the background, Chinese fast food industry with 20% of the annual growth rate of rapid growth, the industry profit rate in 15% ~ 25%, the fast food industry has become an important force to support the sustainable development of the catering industry and a new economic growth point. Western style fast food 50 turnover last year were broken billion according to Chinese cooking will fast Specialized Committee organized by the "2009" China fast-food enterprise statistical survey analysis report ", 2009 Chinese 50 released the first" fast food "conference.

50 strong business 20c192 turnover of more than 100 million yuan, 90% of the provinces, the development of inter city chain management. Analysis on the 2009 annual Chinese fast 50 companies report by, in the fast food industry Chinese reveals the development trend at the same time, provide an effective basis for the study of the development of the industry. China Cuisine Association President, fast Specialized Committee director Su Qiucheng said: as a new economic industry, we still have a long way to go, low carbon, environmental protection, health energy saving and green, is still our industry compliance goals. I want to borrow Di pole shift strengthen vertical and horizontal catering cooperation, encourage capital operation, promote the fast food industry intensive main sound.

The first clear prospect before choosing a

industry, how the catering industry prospects, we should understand, speed up the scale and pace of China’s fast food industry; to continuously improve the level of industrialization of the industrialization development of fast food, semi-finished products and advanced production line production; in order to build the Chinese characteristics of modern fast food. Cultivating a number of independent property and well-known brands, internationally competitive large enterprise groups fast food.

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