100 degree boiling crock franchise fee how much money – fast food business

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is known as the free chain brand, but the investment threshold is not high, for the 100 degree boiling fast-food franchise fee how much money jar mostly in the 20 to 500 thousand or so, of course, we in addition to some of the major cost components to y grasp, but also to understand the factors affecting the cost between the individual shop to join the difference, so you can make more accurate the budget.

to open a fast-food restaurant, the need to be prepared to fund includes many aspects, such as pay to the headquarters and join the margin, and some of the equipment and materials costs; and rental stores need to pay fees to the landlord, moreover is the decoration expenses and opened shops to rent, and then stores open up the need to recruit staff, which is the need to spend money, but also to set aside part of the liquidity to prepare for possible period of want or need.

but these expenses are not unified, but significantly influenced by regional factors, if it is a shop in the capital city or municipality directly under the central government, the funds required for the above 500 thousand, after all, high level of consumption, market demand, in addition to some high threshold, to ask the area of not less than 200 square meters; if in the shop city, about 350 thousand of the cost of investment, area of 150 square meters, while the city as long as there is about 230 thousand of the funds, you can easily open a 100 square meters of the inn.

today, large population flows, small business to choose 100 degrees of boiling pots and fast food items, is a very wise choice, is an advantage. Easy to learn fast start, no worries about the success of entrepreneurship! So, join the 100 degree boiling pot of fast food, what are you waiting for?

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