Chongqing deep in the mountains of entrepreneurship shepherdess business – like a raging fir

a lot of entrepreneurs in life yearning for big cities, in fact, as long as the use of their own advantages, for entrepreneurship is a very favorable thing. Recently, the reporter went to the district and opened the modest town Shuanghe village in Chongqing, see the "shepherdess" Tong Dequn, she is mountain sheep. Talking about the experience of raising sheep, she suddenly opened the box, the road out of the joy and hardships. Deep in the mountains of Chongqing entrepreneurship, "shepherd" career in swing, let us work together to understand the depths of the mountains of female entrepreneurs!

use of forest sheep

Dequn child is 45 years old this year, and the modest town Shuanghe village. She had to work with her husband Huang Yunzao, due to poor health in, returned home in 2013.

husband in the home is still engaged in the decoration industry, Tong Dequn did not work. Later, she and her husband and brother Tong Dequan after discussion, decided to use the mountains lush advantage of sheep.

2013 in August, Tong Dequn took out her savings of about 200000 yuan in working with her husband, successy built a sheep farm, "the sheep is my brother and partnership building, usually I am responsible for management."

year, Tong Dequn spent 90 thousand yuan to buy the first batch of ewes, did not think second days gave her a surprise, "when I went to check the sheepfold, suddenly heard a lamb ‘baa’ sound, look carey, is a ewe has given birth to twins. I quickly gave birth to a pile of firewood, so that lamb heating."

, said the time to buy a ewe lamb, did not expect so fast." Tong Dequn recalled the scene, still smiling.

to build the delivery room


since it embarked on the road of entrepreneurship sheep, Tong Dequn almost put all the energy into the daily management of the flock. In summer, 5 o’clock in the morning she got up, cleaning pens on the grass, the afternoon will be the sheep into the forest; in winter, although she could sleep for an hour, but to pay more attention to the winter forage for sheep reserve, build warm facilities.

encountered windy rain, snow and frost of the night, Dequn children always Fangxinbuxia will wake up at night to check one by one fold, go to bed after confirming no strange. Sometimes, when you go back to sleep for two or three hours, you have to pull up your tired body and start a new day’s work.

every January and February, the flock will usher in the peak production, most of the sheep is "obedient", will obediently chanzai quanshe. Tong Dequn said: "some ewes do not let me worry, the sheep will be directly produced in the mountains, I can only slowly find. Sometimes, the sheep back the right hand holding a lamb, the basket is recommended

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