Open the whole cabinet stores how to decorate the store

overall cabinet is doing a good brand project, the overall strength of the cabinet is significant, if you want to invest, you can get a good income. Then, the opening of a whole cabinet stores, which need to do the decoration of the store? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

store decoration as the office decoration design office decoration design of the basic requirements, store decoration bedroom decoration design requirements of the bedroom decoration, open the whole cabinet how to join the decoration? So store decoration is no exception. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? The facade and the surrounding buildings to store the form and style should be unified; the relationship between wall partition and the body of the building, and the ratio of vertical scale is more appropriate; a combination of various factors of beauty in form of store decoration, should be focused, clear contrast with master-slave, rich sense of rhythm and rhyme decor.

store decoration should make use of color contrast and harmony, in order to achieve the characteristics of the arts to strengthen the shape, the effect of rich modeling, how to open the whole cabinet store decoration? To create an ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color of the store to the high degree of warm color is appropriate, prominent components or key parts according to their physical characteristics and reflect the needs of commercial building decorative atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color.

store decoration should correctly use the material texture, texture and natural color. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? Storefront decoration, store decoration basically from building exterior wall and roof decoration, should consider the material durable, able to withstand the wind and rain and has certain anti exposure, storefront decoration frost resistance and corrosion resistance.

to do the whole cabinet business needs to understand the decoration skills, shop strategy right is essential for investors, if you want to run the whole cabinet shop, if you want to make money fast, based on the actual key, the whole cabinet joined the shop decoration design methods is very important for investors, you should understand.

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