Three major problems that need to be carey considered before the – shop

shop is not a trifling matter, people need to be seriously thinking, after all, it is often need to have a huge amount of money, there may be a mistake, all efforts were in vain. If you want to shop now, the success rate in the end how high? A survey of the success rate of professional institutions to set up shop in the country, to join the successful opening of the franchise system is 76%, the proportion of independent shop success is only about 24%.

Zou Tao business management consulting business chief investment adviser Mr. Zou Tao think: "technology" is the basic living conditions of the store; really can make store air plant competitiveness is not enough, the lack of; and the operating characteristics, pay attention to market information, attention has not yet caused domestic or will cause new forms of domestic consumption culture and characteristics, to rational thinking bias in the consumer’s case, from falling into the vicious spiral of price competition. In the early days, some basic work is to be done, such as detailed market research, careful site selection, so as to minimize or avoid risks, the early realization of investment profit.

y understand yourself

shop is not impulsive, but not blindly thinking, individual character and interest, clearly do the number of funds available, one by one assessment to be put into the project, such as work time, working time length and working way, know yourself what for what kind of shop opening.

if your body of creativity, inner passion, can be considered self-help business casts a thousand beams. appearance, Hot pot shops, traditional snack shops, lunch outside send catering services. If you love have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, craft shops and small coffee shops, allowing you to show xiongcai.

if you extremely sensitive, caring, and love the family, love, so do nurseries and kindergartens will be your favorite.

if you often follow the feeling, always put yourself in the other person’s mind, pet shop, flower shop, gardening shop is the need for you this feature.

carey select project

is a prediction that is combined with the actual situation of the local market to make judgments about.

two is used for reference, namely the doctrine. Learn from foreign advanced experience and practice. Locally, it is a forward-looking emerging project, combined with the local and the implementation of their own choice.

three is to try to choose their own familiar with the industry and grasp the relevant knowledge of the industry as the investment objectives, to give play to their own knowledge and skills, as a favorable condition for the selection of investment projects.

four is as far as possible with relatives,

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