Beijing temperature rose appears good sunny day weather

sunny, brought more joy to people, to win people’s recognition, has been, the haze weather in Beijing so that the blue sky Beijing. Stop warming, the first flower Sakura Yuyuantan also opened. Four seasons orderly, winter to spring, hot and cold warm, cycle to cycle.

Southern Observatory yesterday the temperature reaches 17.3 degrees Celsius, with abundant sunshine and fresh air, no matter in the outdoor walking or running around is fun. To remind the public friends, today, 24 to stop heating, may not feel during the day, sleep at night should be able to feel cold, weak friends, old people and children, please note that a little thicker quilt.

weather forecast from the next week, the highest temperature during the day at 16 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the evening at 3 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees celsius. Spring girl has not yet received a formal entry certificate issued by the meteorological department, however, want to come is also a matter of these days.

flowers chuzhan. According to March 13th artificial observation, the first cherry Yuyuantan Park has been open, cherry blossom season! Beijing Meteorological Service Center said that this year Hangzhou Yuyuantan Park early Sakura (the earliest flowering varieties) the opening time of nearly half a month earlier than usual average. Yuyuantan Park is expected to Hangzhou as early as March 20th before Sakura entered the viewing period, when there are more than 1/3 flowering cherry trees.

weather gradually become warm, will let people see a different spring scene, in the blue sky foil, let people have a happy mood. From December 2016 to February 2017, the temperature of Beijing city continued to be about 2 degrees Celsius, especially since the temperature continued to rise in the high temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius in the year of February 24th to about 5 degrees celsius.

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