Stomach medicine ten brands list – the whole

is perhaps now people’s quality of life has improved, eat too greasy and fine, but also perhaps because now people all kinds of pressure is too large, resulting in irregular diet, in short, is now the stomach troubled people very much. So, stomach medicine which brand is good? Let’s make a small series to introduce the top ten brands of stomach medicine, so that consumers can choose to fit the big brand.

stomach ten brands list NO.1, domperidone — Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd:

began in 1985, the United States Johnson company in China, the largest subsidiary of China’s largest joint venture pharmaceutical companies, one of the famous brands, Xi’an Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd.

stomach ten brands list NO.2, Sidashu – Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd:

China well-known trademark, national high-tech enterprise, one of the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies, industry influence brand, Jilin Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd.

stomach ten brands list NO.3, 39 study – Huarun 39 pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd:

China’s well-known trademarks, state-owned holding listed pharmaceutical companies, one of China’s most valuable brands, the ten major brands of stomach medicine, Huarun pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd, 39.

stomach ten brands list NO.4, bisuc, Sanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co. Ltd.:


is one of the most valuable pharmaceutical brands, state-controlled Chinese foreign joint venture enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, Sanjing Pharmaceutical Factory Co. Ltd. four.

stomach ten brands list NO.5, Jianweixiaoshi film – Jiangxi Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd.:

large listed companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing, health food, real estate in one of the modern integrated enterprise, Jiangxi River Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., ltd..

stomach medicine ten brands list NO.6, sunflower stomach Kang Capsule – Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.:

China well known trademark, Heilongjiang famous brand, Heilongjiang famous brand, Heilongjiang high and new technology enterprise, ten big stomach medicine brand, Heilongjiang sunflower Pharmaceutical Group Co., ltd..

stomach ten brands list, NO.7 – talcid Bayer healthcare:


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