How to do the work shop operators return

a real service, not just in the store when the door of the transaction, but also need to focus on the latter part of the service. After all, with the fierce competition in the shop, the owner wants to service efforts to achieve customer satisfaction in one hundred percent, and under the premise of the competition of service quality, better promotion and a business model ready to battle, Baotui, replacement of goods this service has become the operating means of fashion.

but the customer returned goods must deal with the cause of the change and requirement, some sales service points must be done in place, it is both fair and reasonable, don’t allow yourself to deal with problems caused by improper customer unnecessary disputes and complaints. In the face of this little problem, how to make the customer satisfied? Here I say three points of their own small suggestions.

first: do not return the goods must be done before and after the sale of the work

out of any commodity can not be returned, such as: cigarettes, bulk food, cooked food, etc.. These goods must be clear in the customer purchase, and explain the reason and reason not to return, let the customer do exactly consider buying, do not let customers buy blindly, it is not suitable for yourself or not want to spend money to buy goods, not satisfied, let return frequently occur. If the customer demanded return, as long as the quality of our goods is no problem, as far as possible with the customer and Yan said, never open return light, to avoid other customer dissatisfaction and affect the second sale.

second: special promotions to return goods to special treatment

if every shop to engage in promotional activities of goods, generally has the gift to send these goods, does not affect the second sales situation can be returned, but the gifts must return and the customer, must put gifts back together. If you have to engage in special activities of the goods, as far as possible not to return, only to adjust the best replacement. These goods and gifts both hands is to reduce the price promotion, if a customer demands the return, gifts and do not want to return, encountered such a situation together, do not pursue the gifts.

third: return goods to be optimistic about the purchase certificate

A small note

some shop shopping, so the customer value is the most important, notes in the returned goods such as purchase time, price, name of commodity, these are the main points in detail, in order to avoid not their goods into our store, or buy a too long time, quality problems. Some shops shopping without notes, under such circumstances, let the customer enthusiasm shows some evidence of the purchase in their shops, as long as the customer is, the returned together to return, perhaps after oneself shop permanent customer.


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