The Spring Festival in Xiamen where parent-child time family Travel – new gameplay

busy pace of life in the lives of many parents in the usual time there is no time to accompany their children, during the Spring Festival holiday is a good opportunity! Chinese New Year holiday, in addition to reading at home to do homework, students can also be what kind of relaxed and interesting, but also to enrich the knowledge of the activities to enrich themselves, to experience the wonderful outside the textbook? Mom and dad are finally able to get away from the busy day of work, to accompany the child, the happy family time and where to spend it?

theme 1

flowers and plants garden, Minnan amorous feelings

old courtyard area

Park Bo Yuan

old courtyard scenic spot + Park Bo day tour

time: January 29th (second day) /2 month 1 days (2)

has a thick Taiwanese style old courtyard landscape is divided into two parts the old courtyard style garden and folk culture journey of Chinese theatre. During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot launched the first Carnival Carnival Carnival activities. Windmill symbolizes the love of the sky, a symbol of the happiness of the fairy tale, the windmill symbolizes the rolling forward, thriving. The activities of young and old, is the most suitable for the whole family during the new year travel choice.

Park Bo Yuan brought together the domestic Jiangnan garden, south of the Five Ridges Park, North Park, Fujian and Taiwan Park, National Park and other large garden style, the classic garden of various colors. Into the Park Bo, you can clearly feel the different styles of garden art, different charm, appreciate the beauty of ancient and modern garden art. During the Spring Festival, park expo garden is eight visitors to rich and colorful theme activities, including the park spring flower show, and the spring festival festive activities wetland interactive games and other projects; outside the park "dinosaur Dream Park", "Lantern Exhibition", "Cherry Blossom festival".


10:00 is a collection of old courtyard entrance, for admission procedures.

visit the old courtyard custom culture garden;

parent-child activities surname tracking;

to complete the challenge, receive bonuses for random amount of red

12:00 Chinese food; complete Minnan culture / food answer card.

13:00 Taiwanese legend.

15:00 Park Bo west gate collection, for admission procedures.

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