Ten characteristics of pizza franchise brand recommended

currently catering market is relatively popular with consumers in the western restaurant investment project is probably the Western pizza, pizza is good for both young and old, and the young and old love western delicacy, when meals and snacks can be used as a tooth, so for their pizza to investors, if you choose to join in the form of the the opening, you need to choose the brand, the following Xiaobian recommended several good pizza franchise brand.

big buffet pizza

big company is a chain of Italian pizza buffet. In 2002 entered the Beijing, and in the same year registered as Beijing big restaurant management Co., ltd.. In 2003, China officially became a member of the chain management association, currently has a number of direct and joined the restaurant in the country. Big pizza buffet with "hands-on pizza challenge" for the brand concept, to young students, white-collar workers and young families as the new target consumer groups around the size of the chain business development "the goal of growing and improving, developing healthy, efficient and stable to ensure that enterprises and lwtt investment income, and determined to become famous brand Chinese western restaurant.



1990, Zheng Youxuan opened in Seoul, South Korea, the first one of the pizza. Here you can enjoy the elegant environment, delicious pizza, so here immediately became a young people’s HOTPLACE". Mister pizza pizza has become so far, Mister saint to enter Shanghai, Beijing, United States, South Korea and other markets around the world the international restaurant.

Mister pizza with all exhausted to adhere to 300% principles, 100% hand kneading · 100% hand placed · 100% sieve tray baking, 300% principles are secret and delicious pizza mieste the driving force of growth. Today, pizza is also following the principle of "300%" to make "true" delicious pizza.

Sabel Italian restaurant

Sabel Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in December 2006, to create a truly reflects the Italy diet culture is our goal, to provide the opportunity to taste the Italian delicacy for the majority of customers and the place is our consistent, Sabel Catering Management Co. Ltd has a strong operational management, product development, production, logistics, education and training processing, planning and promotion to perfect, comprehensive, professional system. Strive to build the famous brand of Italy restaurant chain.

Mei Mei pizza

since 2004 when the smell pizza settled in Tianjin, based on the preliminary investigation on the China market, the United States.

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