The business of the whole – Chen Tingxi

is now a lot of shops in the course of the business are looking down on the migrant workers, one is dirty, and secondly, the purchase of a lot of goods are very profitable. But not Chen Tingxi, Chen Tingxi is a retail customer Chen Jiyang County community, easy-going, enthusiastic, treat all customers smile. The workers who work near Chen Tingxi’s shop like to go shopping in his shop, because he gives them a lot of convenience.

Chen Tingxi never abandon these dirty clothes on the site of migrant workers, has always been a warm reception. These workers physical exertion, hungry will go to his shop to buy food, instant noodles, Chen Tingxi will provide boiling water for them; no money, Chen Tingxi let them first credit……

later learned that these workers like to eat pasta, began to purchase all kinds of bread, but also put up a small stove steamed buns, steamed buns, etc., in order to meet their consumption needs in the Chen Tingxi. Workers in the morning to go through the shop will go into the store to buy cigarettes, noon or evening will buy steamed buns, steamed buns and snacks, a day to patronize the two or three Chen Tingxi store has become their habit.

some people smiled and asked Chen Tingxi: "these workers are buying some of the lower profits, you are so enthusiastic?" Chen Tingxi said: they are from the field to work, it is not easy, although things are not expensive to buy, but they brought me a small shop popularity, can do small profits but also good ah! After all, people give me money, of course, to be greeted with a smile and warm service." The man asked Chen Tingxi: "you dare to let them thin credit, you are not afraid of them?" Chen Tingxi told him: "they are some money on credit, trust is mutual, you trust people, people naturally will not betray you."

Although the operation of the

store does not have a large store of high popularity, however, if properly managed, can also be bigger and stronger. So, Chen Tingxi has always believed that small shops although not big supermarket goods, there is no standardized service system, but flexible mode of operation to facilitate the addition of sincere service to win more customers to patronize.

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