Nanyang ndustrial and Commercial Bureau why not issued a real estate license

is now the parents for the children to learn, learn this story, such a thing happened in Henan, Nanyang, Henan, Nanyang City, a number of owners of education Jiayuan, reflected the Chinese voice said, this thing for them to stand up. Although the owners have repeatedly bombarded the housing developers to developers, but always in the business license has been illegally tampered by shirk.

reporter survey found that the developer’s business license since 2015, has 7 times to change the legal representative, only in January 2017, the 6 day of the 4 change. Henan Provincial High Court has issued a final judgment, before the demolition of illegal changes. But the ruling issued soon, the business sector in Nanyang trick, again illegal change of the legal representative of the basis for the changes, but no one stood up to give a clear explanation. Why is the administrative decision of the industrial and commercial sector so arbitrary? What is the reason behind?

Sales Manager: we on the trade and Industry Bureau, Construction Committee, the Housing Authority, including the people’s government are coordinating this thing.


: we don’t listen to this, we’re going to have results. You can’t add the problem to us.

Nanyang, Ms. ran remember this is not the first time to find the sales department theory. In 2014, in order to facilitate the children to school, she bought education Jiayuan district room, but the room Banbuxialai, but a child registered school block.


ran to reporters complained, this side is four small, there is the middle of the twelve, when it was the location to buy this. On the primary card real estate license, can not get on the property. Because my kids are going to primary school right now, it’s a real problem."

is not only the real Banbuxialai, pay the first payment of the owners of Ms. Wang, because the bank mortgage Banbuxialai, delays in the new premises, the wedding dragged on.

education garden more than and 500 owners, many owners choose the real estate value is district advantage. Many owners said, when buying a house specifically to see the complete five cards of the real estate. Then why the housing can not do this, mortgage procedures can not do it?

developers said the business license was illegally tampered with partners

A sales manager of

developers Guanhua company responsible for education Jiayuan project said, because they are the company’s business license, the company repeatedly by another partner illegally tampered with, which leads to this situation, from the beginning of June 2015, our company’s business license has tampered with. Legal representative has been tampered with, mortgage and real estate license can not handle."

children go to school, it was the room to delay down the recommended

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