A chicken behind the commercial secrets read stunned

said, this is the IBM interview questions, seemingly as an extremely not math tone, but hidden mystery: "a person to spend 8 yuan to buy a chicken, sell 9 yuan, and 10 yuan to buy back, to sell 11 yuan, then how much money?"

because of the lack of time and other conditions, this problem has many solutions. There are five typical:

A, 8 yuan to buy 9 yuan, sold 10 yuan to buy 11 yuan sold as two separate transactions, the result is to earn 2 yuan; two, 8 yuan to buy 9 yuan to sell 9 yuan, sold 10 yuan to buy (which can be considered a transaction?) Buy 10 yuan, 11 yuan sold as three transactions, earn 1 yuan; three, in two under the premise of the answer, on the condition of the lowest 8 yuan and 11 yuan high, originally can earn 3 yuan, only earned 1 yuan, so is lost 2 yuan; four, from 0 calculate, buy 8 yuan -8, 9 yuan to sell 1 to 10 yuan to buy -9, to sell 11 yuan to 2, the result is to earn 2 yuan; five, the cost of 8 yuan 9 yuan, 10 yuan cost 11 yuan of income, the total cost of 18 yuan, the total income of 20 yuan. The results still earn 2 yuan.

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The math

this nazonazo the same, each answer seems justified, Ontario search, find the answer of three fans of the relatively more. Back to reality, beginning millet thought the most reliable answer is three, because the real market trend, the highest price is unpredictable, and wait for the time from 8 yuan to 11 yuan of money cost and risk will be higher. Therefore, the flow of funds and goods is the most healthy state of the enterprise, which is the so-called "cash flow"".

using the time value of money

this popular topic, too many meaningless answer. Conversely: why 8 yuan to buy $9 to sell, and no longer such a higher price?   because of the time value of money.

The most typical example is the

in traditional industries, with cash flow than the retail industry. Regardless of the shopping center or KA supermarket, delayed settlement of the transaction provides a good cash flow, the cash flow of the bank’s profits will not be able to. When this approach is used by the platform based electricity supplier, creating a number of U.S. listed companies, including the time value of money is a key factor.

above that not reliable in the problem, sell 9 yuan to 10 yuan to buy the middle is the time value of money. This process, if it continues to hold the chicken waiting for the premium to 11 yuan again, regardless of long-term costs and risks, are likely to the devaluation of the currency, that is to say the price of chicken other goods have prices, though.

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