Beijing suffered extreme cold weather 49 on the first day minus 11 degrees

according to weather forecasts, Beijing and other northern regions recently suffered extreme cold weather, 18, the lowest temperature as low as minus 11 degrees, the current electricity consumption in Beijing has reached a record high.

"the main cause of the load rise is due to the recent cold weather, resulting in air conditioning heating, electric heating and other heating load grows larger, this type of load accounted for about 32%." State Grid Beijing electric responsible person, the largest load in the history of Beijing power grid in the summer, reaching 18 million 566 thousand kilowatts. Judging from the current level of load, there is a big gap with the maximum load, Beijing power grid is currently running smoothly overall.

power operation and maintenance personnel will also strengthen inspection and care for key substations, lines, by means of monitoring the equipment for measuring temperature and load, abnormal timely arrangements for foreign bodies may occur during the winter; grid load hanging line, tree line and other conflict situations, strengthen channel transmission lines patrol care.

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