5 pricing methods allow you to increase sales

how to price the commodity is the door of knowledge, commodity prices will be good, is conducive to better expand the sales of goods, is conducive to a better profit profit, then, how to price the goods? The following small series for you to bring 5 commonly used pricing methods, so you can easily respond to the market!

sales for the same price

low price method

this strategy first to set the price as low as possible, so that the new product quickly accepted by consumers, first have a leading position in the market. Due to low profits, can effectively exclude competitors, so that their long-term occupation of the market. It is a long war, some of the funds, suitable for large corporations.

Safety Law

value of 10 yuan, to sell 20 yuan, on the surface is made, it may lose a customer.

for general merchandise, the price too high, is not conducive to the open market; the price is set too low, it may be a loss. Therefore, the most reliable is to set the price of goods is more moderate, consumers have the ability to buy, the seller is also easy to sell.

security pricing is usually cost plus normal profit from the purchase of. For example, the cost of a pair of jeans is 80 yuan, according to the general level of profits in the apparel industry, looking forward to each pair of jeans can get a profit of $20, then, the price of this pair of jeans is $100. Security pricing.

special price

special price method is to put on the market in the new goods, the price will be significantly higher than the cost, make the enterprise get a lot of profit in the short term, then according to the market situation changes to adjust the price.

segmentation method

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