A wheel excavator with no money to decorate the coffee shop

creative entrepreneurship is the theme of the current venture, garage coffee is almost no decoration because of the money does not exist, but because of the founder of the creative, not only the success of the market, but also out of their own characteristics. The entrepreneurial stage with many entrepreneurs and good acid.

"Bob, come!" "Looking for a partner", "without you, we’re weak."!" These words are full of the recruitment of new advertising ads filled with the entire wall, which is an entrepreneurial cafe to hire the wall scene. At the same time, there are countless people have stopped here, they carefully browse each piece of information, hoping to find their own information from these opportunities for their own.

had no decoration of the garage coffee

2011 was founded in April, is located in Zhongguancun Street garage coffee business hotel, the hotel to Menlian, garage coffee Menlian small many, so that each of the first to the garage, will stand hesitated at the gate of the hotel for a long time, few dare to enter the confirmation.

in the garage coffee, but can enjoy free office space, but also can come into contact with investors, entrepreneurs and other media. In addition, the daily noon hour activities and occasional salon activities also provide a platform for entrepreneurs to show their own.

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