How to manage the invoicing

no matter how good the business, the owners will have the trouble to operate above, often complain about bad business. Perhaps many of the retail outlets are often complaining about too much smoke, old customers can not keep. But I think as long as the management of cigarettes Invoicing, back to nature "run". My experience is this:

is the first purchase. In the time of purchase, or appropriate to control some of the rational. I am in the cigarette business aspects of the funds is relatively limited, it is not a backlog, is not easy to appear out of stock, sell some cigarettes, corresponding to fill, to return the funds continue to operate, let me in the "cigarette". On the other hand, can not only look at the purchase of a certain or several tight smoke, should also be appropriate to replace the same level of cigarette brands. Every time I smoke when I try to ensure that the rich variety of cigarettes, so even in the case of the supply of tobacco can not meet the needs of consumers, I still have to recommend the brand to consumers.

followed by sales. For the tight smoke, I was in the sale of the sale of the sale of zero package, so as not to sell all the cigarettes are sold to a customer, and can not meet the needs of other customers. In addition, in part of the tight supply, it is positive to recommend some of the same grade brand. I think selling cigarettes is not only to sell the brand, but to sell profits, and its identity with the customer identified a tight brand, as well as other brands can be recommended to get the profits of cigarettes.

again is inventory. Even if the usual business is busy, before the purchase of cigarettes, I generally will be on their own cigarette inventory inventory, and make a good record, so that it will not lead to repeated orders or missing orders. I think the reasonable inventory is very important for the market, sales continued good and festive with smoke in the supply is sufficient, I also order more, rather than "cramming", in the company of adequate supply at a point, no smoke is full of complaints. Not backlog, continuous file, for the cigarette inventory must be aware of.

grasp every link of the work, which will be of great help to the store’s management. So, if you want to cigarette sales management can reduce trouble, also need to manage cigarette Invoicing, this is a store based business development, it will develop greater impetus to make your shop business.