How to choose the convenience store location

has a lot of business projects on the site is very picky, such as open convenience stores, site selection is very important, we must carefully choose. If you are new to the site is not very familiar with a lot of reference to other people’s experience, find the right location.

in the convenience store industry, there is a saying: the correct location is half of the success. This shows how important the location of convenience stores. Summarize the successful experience of convenience store, the convenience store location is the key to ensure the success of the business.

The core

mature convenience store to store values, usually point as the center, the radius of 300 meters; in the small and medium-sized city, then expanded to 500 meters radius. The target population of each store between 2600 – 3000 people, such as a family of 3.6 people, the number of households in between – 833 households.