cling to the entrepreneurial experience or with a butterfly

every successful person is a person who has confidence in himself. Have been successful and who are now successful, most of them are on highly confident of their own experience, feel this is proven to be too, can be used to guide the present and future development, the theory of the theory of others, are nonsense, unworkable, and often with no experience no the right to speak as an excuse to deny the views of others.

we everyone are examples of this, including our own more or less with this tendency. But things are always changing, along with the change of environment, the conditions of the past experience are changing. Many experts and scholars can indeed through some factors on the trend of a more accurate judgment, entrepreneurs and bosses need to judge the experts to identify and choose, rather than blindly deny. It can be said, "the world is easy to move, the reform should be carried out".

A friend of

he complained privately with other friends, now the sales representative too tender, every day about what development of terminal, control terminal, quickly tired, the circulation is not very good, low cost, quick, and everyone is so, why bother to ask for my sins, a repair factory, auto parts store to run, I’ll need to hire many people ah, now the profit space more and more low, they do not calculate the cost, always let me most probably it did not actually happen to do this and that.


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