How to open a restaurant at the lowest cost

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the whole domestic catering industry is a very popular industry, at the same time in the whole society, people demand for food products is also increasing, and now we have to look at how with the lowest cost of opening a restaurant?

travel to stagger the peak, high rent to stagger. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way.

barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi in the catering boss reference activities, have shared their attempt: he the store opened in the non dense downtown pavement white-collar rental, thus greatly decreased. Through the establishment of online tyrants and other social communities, under the line to eat spicy contest, wrench wrist contest and other means to carry out effective diversion.

and alone is difficult to support, as for the time being parasitic. The reference time front had reported the shrimp BB case: the new boss brother Jin pony, stunned his own museum opened a noodle shop crayfish, shrimp noodle business during the day, night opened the store.

this play, let it save the location and decoration of the time, but also reduces the cost of rent, but also enjoy the original passenger radiation noodle. This seemingly stingy move, did not affect their image, which has received venture capital favored second stores opening soon.

money waiting for the active site. Take out is not a new business, but with the rise of the takeaway platform and the popularity of third party delivery, takeaway business threshold is reduced. In Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, there are a lot of young people to have private kitchen chowhound form takeaway, won the recognition of consumers.

in fact, now capital of repute "call a duck", the first half of the business does not store, until get venture to open a small entity.

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