How to open a home air conditioning cleaning shop

as long as there is a market demand, we can dig out a larger business market, thereby creating a higher income, so that they can change their lives through entrepreneurship. Perhaps because of this, there will be so many people choose to start a shop. However, if you want to start a successful business, the election is also important for business opportunities. So, open a home air conditioning cleaning shop?

Market Outlook:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Every year in the process of using household air conditioning must be comprehensive cleaning and maintenance time, or by blocking a lot of internal dust and dirt, the wind is blocked, refrigeration, heating loss, noise increases or unusual sounds, the compressor power consumption will also increase, easy to damage the air conditioning, directly affect the hotbed to mildew odor and infectious diseases (such as is often said that the air conditioning disease).

suction only through professional cleaning process, can achieve the removal of dirt, in addition to flavor sterilization, restore air conditioning performance, purify the air, to ensure human health. Therefore, air conditioning and central air-conditioning, as well as the annual cleaning and maintenance is essential.

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Air conditioning in the town at present, the rapid spread of the national total ginseng Yiwu million air conditioners, urban air-conditioning penetration rate of more than 40%, with 500 thousand of the population of the city as an example, air conditioning has around 100 thousand Taiwan, to household air cleaning accounted for 60~70%. Annual output value of 200~300 million, after cleaning the air conditioning, after a year of use and need to be cleaned, so the market is very huge, the annual business opportunities are in the millions of dollars.

at the same time through the air conditioning cleaning and drive installation, fluoridation, maintenance and other related services, the turnover of 20%~30% can be improved, so the industry pointed out that the opening of a household air conditioner cleaning shop, not only conducive to improving the living environment, but also can give investors a lot of money.

household air conditioning cleaning investment analysis:

open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? Household air conditioning cleaning is mainly door-to-door service, so there is no need to just a facade, the General Office (to stay and warehouse) or in the home office, the main thing is to have a telephone, 2~4 workers, the cost of each tool only 20~30 yuan, another part of the capital to buy special cleaning agent, the total according to the investment funds of about 3000~4000 yuan.


open a home air conditioning cleaning shop? The use of special cleaning agent for home air conditioning, no need to remove the air conditioning, direct cleaning indoor and outdoor machines, convenient and quick, will not pollute the walls and floors, cleaning an air conditioner only 20 minutes per person

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