Jobs’s Enlightenment to us

Jobs is gone, but he has brought us a lot of wealth, it is worth us to deeply explore. The market for Steve? Jobs’s financial books not under 20, I think the most worthy of reading is "to live is to change the world: the biography of Jobs", and reveal the development course of the early apple "return to the little kingdom" will take the initiative in time, have historical value, is an important biography of many to follow suit later source of information. I think, "Apple past" and "return to the little kingdom" to read, "Apple storm" style of ridicule can lead us out of Jobs too great figure, let us enjoy the joy of reading.

The patent products belong to the early

ward in his memoirs, Jobs also showed the initial disappointment. He thought of Jobs from the beginning he cheated "Steve and I shared the first business income of $700," then I found that Steve was not what he said but $700, $more than 1 thousand".

"return to the little kingdom" to describe the following story is not Jobs was driven out of the scene of a Apple Corp. Steve’s self willed and self centred style of work offended too many people and made him move quickly into crisis

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