Shop No. 1 how to open a shop to share the flow shop

Internet era, there are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, shop No. 1 is a very fire site, many people want to shop in shop No. 1. So, how to open shop 1? Need to pay? Novice shop what skills? Small make up now for you to introduce 1 shop shop process.

1 shop how to open shop? Shop No. 1 on the right side of the bottom of the official website, there are businesses settled, after entering the required operation. Shop No. 1 to be qualified. That is, you have to print the license, tax registration certificate, open an account license, institutional code card. These are hard to set up shop, must have. Finished is what you want to open the shop number belongs to what category, in accordance with the category to pay a certain margin and platform fees. After the audit upload 10 products can activate the store.