Good interactive experience, display of goods in website list


commodity aggregation page: as the name suggests, is the list of goods, forming a common feature of the collection of goods page.

The purpose of

is to provide consumers with more goods to choose from, thereby increasing the conversion rate, minimizing the user’s jump rate, and ensuring smooth browsing. This requires a quality visual experience and a good interactive experience.

here mainly around the display of goods.

currently there are 3 types of display designs:

1. sorted by ranks (Taobao mall… Jingdong)

2. falls stream (

allows products to maximize their presence in front of users,

3. special paragraph prominent (superior)

adaptive screen display of goods, each category under the use of big picture, focus on pushing a few goods or banner

patchwork sorting, suitable for pictures, high-quality websites.


basic information about merchandise display

commodity pictures / commodity name / commodity price

picture size: 200X200 or so,


picture is a bit larger, so that users don’t need to look at the big picture every time they want to see detail, so they can finish the object in list so that they don’t lose patience.


increases the picture size increases the volume of transactions is unknown. But we can see clearly that there is truth in comparison, and that the larger the picture, the closer it is to the truth.

but the electrical picture can be smaller, especially when it comes to something similar in shape. The name of the product is more important.


commodity name:

merchandise brands, series, descriptions, features, personality, copy level activities

commodity price:

original price – present price – discount

outstanding price, drawn to the price, discount

adds some modules

based on the characteristics of the site or the product

credit: once a user succeeds in a transaction, he can make a credit evaluation of the transaction object

Tags: reflect the sales characteristics of goods, such as new products,


comment number: the most accurate reflection of the purchase of users, but also one of the elements most concerned about the user

sales: not just a sort of way, but also to guide users to buy, to inform the user is >

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