Where you want to make money, websites don’t pack and die fast

first: make a place to make money. These are the

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do


fourth article: do make money site, there is no good physical and spiritual, fight easily "abort"

         ;     the first two articles are about the concept of more things, this chapter will tell you about actual combat more content. Finished this article, tomorrow our company will officially go to work, the follow-up there are many operations details, and if there is time, we will contribute to you.

to make money in the local website, specific I mentioned in front of a few conditions, it is still not enough, perhaps even if you can operate, you can only drink some soup. Why? Because it needs packing.

star to pack, take a look at the current "Xiao Shenyang", one to the Spring Festival Gala, gold-plated, appearance fees to 100 thousand;

look at those LV, DIOR bags, and the workmanship is good, but a package of tens of thousands of pieces, how much is packed out (of course, packaging is not just advertising, but also precipitation down brand value)..

as the saying goes: "the Buddha to gold, people rely on clothes!", "Maiduhaizhu" story we all know, as can be imagined, the spring and Autumn period of the ancients understand, is not the modern society you also should make full use of the packing? Don’t you think that the site is small, the capacity of small, less money, think not I speak; packaging is not big money (of course you can afford the price, it might be, the best point can give me flowers, I don’t mind!), otherwise there is no need to write here.

from the following six aspects to tell you,

name wrapper

site name, of course, to the atmosphere, sonorous, speaking, people will think is a big site, listen to people thought it was a grade of the website; but the site name as not more than 8 words, 5 words right, 3 words can tell the best; the number of words is small, note Chinese characters pronunciation (sound tones), to let others know how to write the words; at the same time, can make the person feel the name and place of a web site, the company name confused, or for others to do free advertising, does not pay.

some places have ancient names, but also can be used, but to take into account the name of whether there are limitations, if you want to expand to the outside city, then from the overall consideration of the name of the application.

domain name packaging

domain name selection, basic requirements, rules everyone knows; the choice of domain names, not only to understand, but also to see, remember, or no meaning; local website domain name selection, the most

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