What affects the click rate of Web ads

recently started advertising research, I analyzed, sorted out a few points out, and the webmaster friends share, write well, you do not laugh at.

now briefly talks about the direct impact on the click rate of Web ads:

one, advertising placement, this is the most important. Good advertising position, to allow visitors to see it first, and let him go to the point of impulse, or confuse him, let him feel that advertising content is what he wants to do this, click on the ads must increase.

two, the content of advertising and web content similarity

such as a type of literature website, our advertising is best friends or dating, or flowers, because this kind of web users are mainly some of the men and women in love, they may be more interested in these ads, if GG, it is what the tooth ads, even if, you should go back to competitive advertising that blocked the site of the shielding of all advertising, if your site is the beauty category, then you might find some advertising, advertising appeal activities, see the beauty of the station are generally some guys, Langyou majority, please allow me to say that we will. Should match up, this ad click rate will improve.

three, website ads don’t do like TV commercials,

site advertising don’t do like TV ads, TV ads are mandatory in let you not see not, and web ads that can not be trusted, naturally not to pay attention to, of course, if only to show a brand, it’s different. This time we want to consider a user experience, not blindly put the pop-up ads or floating, these ads are very honest people hate, some little computer people, see automatic pop, will immediately think of viruses, what put you off the site, of course, if your site really bad, you’re not going to see them deeply into it, then you can try to put some more pop, apply a few alliance together, such a station is equivalent to multiple station traffic, make full use of resources.

four, the URL of the website link is all home page

if you see something people on your website, into the purpose for a more detailed understanding of these things, and these ads into almost all links to the homepage, others will spend half a day to find just the thing, of course, for advertisers you can understand, I hope you can enter your home page to see something more. But it is better not to do so, directly connected to the detailed page will be better, so that we do not need to go around a lot of curved, and increase the user experience is very important, please remember that.

, here are a few personal views on advertising, I hope the advertisers have some inspiration:

one, put in position

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