Why do live video, voice entertainment websites make so much money


some people think that live video is a "cock wire economy", but in fact, the opposite is true.

introduction: Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, a product of the enterprise Q & A, a face to question community product for entrepreneurs.

real video / voice entertainment sites (such as 9158, 6 rooms, Gua Gua, YY, etc.) why do you make money?

first of all, although some people think that live video is "cock wire economy", but in fact, on the contrary, this is a handsome game. Like the vast majority of online games, Gao Shuaifu users are the main source of income, and poor Cock silk can only play with Gao Shuaifu, the largest play a foil role.

cock wire counter attack? Do not think! To the girl’s only high handsome rich.

, for example, in a lot of real video websites have called a "virtual props fireworks", each worth 100 dollars or more, is a high handsome rich spend 100 dollars, the whole room (virtual room) all the grass root + Beauty split $100. As you know, because this is only a high handsome rich play the game, so whether the grass root or the beauty of the station, with a high handsome rich run, in the room like a beggar begged: as an


so in real life video industry, the ARPU value of the product is usually high, even higher than people generally think that the online game industry is very profitable. How much is a ARPU worth of online gaming? 300? 500? In the video industry, the ARPU value of some products is even an order of magnitude higher.

you probably can’t imagine that investors don’t really like high ARPU values, because that means your product is too dependent on a small number of users, and the company has too high a financial risk. Therefore, some products are even trying to reduce the ARPU value, such as opening SMS recharge channels, through this recharge channels, each user can only recharge 10 yuan per month.

second, in the ecological system of real video products, what are the user can earn money? The first is a beautiful singer, 800-1000 block most of the income every month there is a good singer, 2000-3000, very good singer a month can earn 1, 20 thousand.

makes more agents than beauty singers. The so-called agents are such a group of users, their daily task is to find all kinds of rich people, inviting them to spend, and then withdraw from their consumption amount of 10%-15% commission. This part of the people is the real big money.

also has a user who buys virtual money in cash from a part of the user and then uses this virtual currency at a higher price than the official price

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