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recently launched a website, the United Nations UN Data, allows anyone to retrieve the UN Database, this easy-to-use online database created by the United Nations, the latest global free, reliable statistical data, using the database, you can retrieve the current world population, trade, agriculture, employment, environment, industry statistics, education, tourism etc..

for ordinary people, won the first source of data is often Google or Wikipedia, however, educational research institutions, usually using these data sources do not recommend news organizations, especially people in the recent Wikipedia found some inaccuracies. Now, students, journalists, and anyone else can access these published statistics directly from the United nations.

How does



UN DATA below the search box is the current most popular search terms, you can click on these search words to see the search results, or enter your own search words.


, for example, depends on the data of a country and can enter the country’s name. The search results page contains comprehensive information, as the country’s population, the average life expectancy of GDP, and so on, you can click the "view full profile" button to see detailed statistics on the country.


To the left of the

search results, there is a filter box that you can choose to filter to refine the search results. Under the overall situation of the country is on the table, all of the results of the national search, each search result contains a download link, and a link to display preview preview information in a small window, and the "Explore" link will take you to the relevant data of the country.

in addition to searching for data related to countries and regions, you can also search global statistics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, or global solar energy products statistics. UN DATA is not only the best place to access statistics (huge data currently has more than 55 million), more importantly, it provides a public platform for all can obtain valuable data.

this international source: http://s.readwriteweb.com/archives/un_data_the_ultimate_research_tool.php, translated by 35 km and posted on the team blog section at COMSHARP CMS official station.

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