Teach you how to identify mass mailing Swindlers Company

first, try not to buy stand-alone version of the software

read a lot of people are looking for mass mailing software. At present, you can say: stand-alone version of the software is not good, because the stand-alone version of the software can not statistics access effect, all stand-alone software on the market are bragging about how to count. From the technical point of view: statistics is a process from customer to server. Mail sent, the customer should open, feedback to your server, but stand-alone software you cannot resolve IP address, ask how statistics? This seemingly simple question, I believe a lot of people are deceived.

second, first try and pay

secondly, from the point of view of use, all software should be tested and then paid. Formal firms generally provide such service patterns. All companies that do not provide software or platform trial can say that 80% are Swindlers Company, because they do not have a platform at all. The so-called send statistics reports are made by Photoshop. So never buy stand-alone software.

third, to determine whether regular company operations,

look at the company website design, large companies to their website design requirements are strict, small companies or individuals do not have such standards. Look at the company’s account number, generally provide private accounts are not companies, but there are no lack of SHUI or SHUI leakage. See other people’s evaluation, if a lot of companies evaluate this company is not formal, do not provide hair film, can not achieve effect, so suggest you still don’t use this company service.

fourth, buy the database


company will not sell a regular database, ask how valuable the database, how to sell only a few hundred yuan? Regular database company data are read by the days and months multiplying together, ask them how their wealth will so easily sell it, this is not a little taste of that


fifth, don’t trust Baidu, promote

why do you say so, I believe we report from CCTV, Baidu malicious promotion keyword will know?. Many small companies as long as dig out a little money, you can do rankings promotion, so email marketing, looking for the company also pay attention to.

sixth, see if the company is boasting about

global companies do not dare to guarantee the rate of sending, sending rate, arrival rate of 98%, 90%.email database quality is not known, how to guarantee the arrival rate, it is Arabian nights. You know, Chinese Internet has such a powerful firewall system, also don’t know you send lots of IP have not been closed, others have to report you spam mail, in the process of sending and packet loss problem, how many people could reach 90% EMAIL are invalid, for example, he resigned, his email is no longer in use email, the disciple and will be a rebound. So never trust the arrival of 90%

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