Stationmaster appeal do station, if be a person, must be kind!

do stand, such as life, must be kind,


read the primary school, teacher taught that respect for others is the most important respect the work of others! This sentence when I first site The imprint is engraved on my heart.; to do it, I have the most prominent parts of website wrote: "if there is infringement on this website, please inform the administrator, we will delete in 23 hours!" because it is the forum, and we worry about membership reprint does not indicate the regulation is not in place, causing unnecessary trouble!

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is simple, but the C and V with much seems to eat others leftovers! To be honest, we do a station and write a promotional article, all is in raising their children, which are filled with the blood of our own, when one day someone put your child in front of said his children, how do you think of


, when you reprint an article written by someone else’s original, please respect the original author, people reluctant to advertise a connection, could you please say that the original author can ah, really don’t want to say, you can say that is transferred from the Internet, so that the original author see will not blame the eye look at your man. However, some people are short-sighted, the author of this thesis is to reprint of others into their own, not just individual owners, as well as the terrible Internet Co, told the animals, sincere people, repent and be saved in life temperament! You have lost! You stupid for your whole life will be doomed, on the lips a short day, a short lower lip,


some time ago I published an article with a realm called "web site", a time by many website forums, of which a large part of the station have indicated (stationmaster net, China station, Chongqing wall teaching resources network, online learning, network station network, the webmaster, diamond bachelor bitter marriage nets and the new owners forum… Etc.), to express my sincere thanks! Some quality discount friends (China IDC ring, Fangfang blog…), like engine ranking information station and improve the professional search for your own behavior, I feel sad, that you are poor


once again call for a life must be honest! Professional search engine rankings, information station webmaster, see this article, I hope you think twice, if there is objection, I QQ 159800860 waiting for you at any time!


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