Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association (Part Two)

Baidu alliance advantage:

, but because of Google’s AdSsense, the small and medium station owners bought it. The Baidu alliance has to place itself at the top end and open only to a number of high quality websites. Baidu alliance provides some large webmaster to provide high quality ad alliance options except AdSsense, and provides optional advertisers

for websites that want to place more than one ad site

at the same time, commercial Baidu doesn’t give up anything, even both sexes can be put in. For some sexual standing also open mind, and even human body art, there are Baidu coalition figure. And AdSsense rejects this kind of website to throw directly, one discovers to close a website to close an account. The Baidu alliance has provided reliable advertising sources to some large gender stations. Basically, the Baidu alliance is one of the best choices for both sexes.

Baidu, you know, users like Baidu search, Baidu search box on the website that is beautiful, but also beneficial to the user experience.

is Baidu search plug-in to have the ability to develop software or plug-ins provide a profit model, software bundled with Baidu search plug-in installed on the user’s computer, it can be hard to install software users, what to install Baidu search bar. Fortunately, 360 of this "rogue" out, the situation is only a little better.

Baidu alliance disadvantage:

according to statistics, the theme of the Baidu alliance advertising effect is slightly worse than AdSsense, which is the previous data. Now, maybe it’s almost like AdSsense.

Baidu alliance is open to big stationmaster only, general small stationmaster cannot apply for. And is an account application down, it is impossible to put on multiple sites, I do not know now is not such a rule. Fortunately, in the AdSsense decline today, the Baidu alliance has finally lowered the high head, reducing the threshold of the audit. Now we can see a lot of general website can hang Baidu alliance, if your website thinks OK still, can try to apply for Baidu alliance.

Baidu Alliance for what station:

Baidu alliance is generally a very good alliance, as long as the application has passed, you can try to put down. Especially the web site, put Baidu search box, the effect is very good.

put Baidu alliance successful case to share:

I have a webmaster who understands the program. I integrate the games that you like to play on the Internet. I make XX games, N one, then upload the software to the sky software park. Sky Software Park was acquired by Baidu, the site is also very good page weight. And then do some outside the chain, Baidu ranking is very easy to go up. Bring millions of download and installation users, and then software promotion URL station. Put Baidu search box and some other CPS alliance, daily income is also thousands of.

Ali, mom, Taobao, advantage:


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