Stupid people do promotion, garbage station, the first day of P thousand

, I’m a station technician, I can only use CMS as a station. HTML doesn’t quite understand. Often see many thousands of IP said Admin5 network. Or what SEO, see, is a lot of reading. But most of SEO will take some time to work, some outdated methods are more ineffective, may also be K station.

, what I’m talking about here is a stupid stupid way. But it did work on the first day of the station. Say simple point, in fact is human flesh post machine. However, this post is still skillful. Not what hair. Otherwise, it will still be dead. Everyone is usually in the post when you are easy to run into several problems, first, click rate is not high, two is to post to enter the verification code is very troublesome. There are many posting programs on the Internet, in fact, they have been proved to be blocked by the code. This trick also uses software, but it can be passed through the verification code.

first, the click rate is not high, the main reason is not too many posts content too advertising, or not enough heat, or those forums, popularity itself is very low. I would love to the Baidu Post Bar university class posts, high heat, and then to the Baidu Search Ranking search hot words article. Add your own COPY and make a copy. For example, the latest Olympic flame, CNN, and the like. Then you have to open more than one post bar.

here recommend you use the "button Wizard" this software, usually play online games out of the experience, ha ha, you usually repeat posting movements recorded. Only leave the verification code filled by manual input. Other outputs are quickly assembled by this software. No, half an hour already issued more than 50 stickers.

attention Oh, the content to do more humane, plus a bit of their own article after reading the feelings will be very attractive, it is best to add pictures. The click rate is even higher. In such a very hot forum site, usually a new post a day brings 5~10 ip.

finally to remind everyone though stupid way can work, but too crazy or are Ip, then find a few good hair. As long as 2 to 3 is enough for your first day.

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