The website makes 1 P, make 10 yuan

station is to attract traffic, this is the IP but as everyone knows, who can bring you much money? What is the use of this website to you? In fact like the same person, to do to the customer first, would rather earn less is to put the customer experience to do. Now Chinese IP why so cheap? It is because China webmaster only to short-term interests, a few cents a few cents to entrap users, giving users a false information. This is why a few decades ago in the television advertisement as long as tens of thousands of dollars can get hundreds of millions of dollars in return, but now almost all previous losses in call! This is because television advertising and Internet advertising to people too miserable, people already do not believe these things.

gives us the inspiration in the content on the website, and to the same site title, their contents, the GOOGLE search engine is to determine the ranking of a website, the so-called SEO is just drill its loopholes. The title made the same, in fact, no empty collection chapter, finally GOOGLE give you K is too normal, do not put those advertising deceptive advertising, before receive free QQ, how many people have deceived you? This site may thus have several years of hard business customers to offend how much is your loss, you can also get? How many? So your site search engine punishment and never stand up, how much is your loss of


then said in the docking site under positioning and advertising, the positioning of the site is to customers, of course, is to give customers what they want, you also want to close advertising and website, QQ space station should be put on the Q coins recharge, you can earn money, customers also get discounts the discount, you also believe that users do not go catch you out, you have one more hardcore users, every time you see here in the dressing room, preferential access to you, and you for this IP is the value of the value of ten dollars.

all right, go to dinner. Let us study it ourselves.

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