Do link up a little experience

I am engaged in website optimization for more than 4 months time! Just passive link to our leader! What word, we push these words! But we don’t know these words pushed to what extent it! Is it let us stop, we stop, feel very passive and if you want to become a successful website optimization, you will begin to find problems, to solve their own problems, such guidance will grow very fast! Make links to anyone as long as a little about the idea of details will do! But can be a good link quality is not easy importantly, a station connection if a high quality link, do 10 or 50 links is OK, link to the home page than you, find the corresponding website search engine on the station station evaluation can be good for you, then Pr is also very heavy To find the corresponding value of PR connection, or higher than your PR connection, so that the effect will be better! At the same time, PR also depends on the quality of high station, PR station is some brush up, this may be a fake! I also study, a lot of LV PR tool, it seems to me a bit confused! Oh good query tool SEO friends, can give me some advice! Once again is K station, PR station they have but not included in Baidu site! So you think Baidu is fine station, do not connect, they will link to your station sent may.

The following

, the word when you push the idea that key words, and their progress are ranked first check, if a station they used two different words, a first word behind the word as a key to do, of course if two words do a second position, another is the third position, so we must first do second words second words, because it is easy to push to the first, so it is natural to do the first will be the row in third words l traffic! Do a lot of ways to promote


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