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Hello, I am rain cold, I came into contact with the network have greatly small website have more than a dozen years from 06, but the number of success is 0, I asked myself, then pointing through a friend, his execution is not enough. First of all the following before he has been a PR4 network information site, but not for a long time because management is hacked, led directly to PR4 off to PR2, GG included from 12000 down to 200, from 5000 down to 1000 from Baidu and Baidu snapshot stagnation. Recently, because of their work time free, the site of the addiction came up again, so this site to delete a revision of medical and health website (URL not playing, or scold, hanging advertising suspect) GG ads, the price is also good, a click on the 0.1 for the domestic market with a knife good now! A few days ago, Baidu launched a series of service station, then landing Baidu alliance found his look at Baidu Union has not approved. Because I have applied for one station before, one day 2000IP applications are not passed. Yesterday I took revision health station for Baidu union try, QQ received an email saying today through the audit, so excited, he wanted to write an article to share experience, stated that this article is a novice, veteran through. The following nonsense is not much said, the list of considerations for novice reference only.

1: the site must be filed, which is an important condition to join the Baidu alliance.

2: web interface design should be neat, at least for the audience, site templates, many websites are available to download. Here, there is a point of attention, very important for beginners, that is, site PR is at least 2, or else the application is very difficult to pass, personal view is for reference only. Although my station said unsightly, I use the DEDECMS system built, the template is the default template, feeling in line with the concept of green health, there is no change template.

3: Web content can not be collected, as far as possible for the original, at least copy the content you want to modify the title, but also to constantly update.

4: it’s also a controversial one. I don’t want to put my rival GG’s advertisement. I’ve also seen a lot of articles saying that it’s better not to put it in. According to my successful experience in successful application, I find that the influence of GG advertising is not great. Because my station is a GG advertising, but do not apply for the next Baidu web promotion must put Baidu’s new products in your business, this is very important.

5. links must be added, but can not casually add, must add and their stand want to close the content of the site, but also always pay attention to their link station has been punished by Baidu.

finally, other details are other friends here that a commonplace talk of an old scholar, to quote Niu Gensheng’s words: "small victory by wisdom, victory by Germany, steadfast do stand, a sense of life, there is a return to pay.

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