Beware of online shopping cheated, please do not seek cheap

Hello! I was in 2008 April saw a "China Science and technology" low sales mobile phone websites on the Internet, open you can see all kinds of mobile phone and other digital products, a market price here: 6980 yuan NOKIA E90 in the 1200 yuan can buy NOKIA, N95 as long as 800 yuan, registered members are more favourable and is a genius. I was on the NOKIA N81, the market price is 3999 in this website is 550 yuan, a little heart. Two days later I added the site administrator QQ, we were talking to the price is 500 yuan, he promised I can pay 200 gold at the end. 300 yuan of goods received after the payment of the remaining two days, logistics company went door-to-door. But I wait until today is the first day of receipt, China Science and technology people call As the goods arrived, I was 10 minutes away from the distance, a logistics company called: Mr. Lee (Xing Li I), your goods will arrive soon, you must first put the remaining 300 yuan to the China Science and technology company designated bank account, or we will not give you delivery at that time, I was furious, and my company has provided earlier, you just see the goods payment, logistics to deliver the goods on the line. The logistics people say: we are not responsible to pay we will not give you the delivery (emphasis), you can’t play money is none of our business. If you do not pay, then we have gone, but, I have to call the China Science and technology people, they say there is no way to.

then I will go to the bank to send the rest of the money, such as China Science and technology to confirm the money account when logistics phoned again: Mr. Li, to the quality and safety of our safety and product, please pay one thousand yuan to the China Science and technology company account, as a safeguard I was gold. Dizzy, feel cheated. After QQ asked the China Science and technology administrator, he said no way, I asked whether the goods nor money is not returned to me, he just couldn’t " "


in this appeal to everyone, do not believe the Internet, low-priced, free and other information, I also hope that the public security organs can destroy these damned liar, this is the China Star Technology Company Web site:

, police uncle! Help me!


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