How to make your site have more traffic

some people say that SEO, some people say that all the people are earned, it was said that the soft text, it was said to do the content, it was said to buy traffic, some people say that leveraging development. SEO has a master? Yes, meet is a typical example, he has many keywords in the first place, so his flow is very high, but most people may not do it.

all make effect? The effect is good, as long as the master of the 2 points, one is the temptation, the two is the credibility of all earned is doubling mode, may cover the entire network, but most people use all make, get thousands of IP/ days even if good, but is here now friends one day more than 100 thousand IP.

some say, well, some say, is not good, is actually the product of Sister Lotus, soft hype, the whole network knew her, you can say the soft effect is not good? She brought traffic may have several hundred million IP? Some people say that the content is too troublesome, also do not bring flow for example, we stand, no SEO, no soft, not all the people earn, but every day there are still a large number of flow, this is the content of the communication.

said leveraging the development, some say borrows to borrow, but hang QQ, there is a day income of 5000 yuan or more, you can say that there is no effect? There is no gap between the gap flow method, derived from the people, someone with legs, someone with palm, but key it depends on who is going to practice, how to do.


; flow method are the same, do the invincible, but people tend to follow the trend of love, what others say, oneself do what, rather than being a fence, as the first analysis of their own interests, their own core competitiveness, and then according to their own core competitiveness to analyze what their way of publicity.

For example,

I was lazy, don’t love what SEO, I and others exchange links I have trouble, I do not love to write soft Wen promotion, fear of being scolded, I don’t love to do all the people earn, because the program do not, prone to problems, I do not want to share the development, because does not want to do, but I have a hobby, is to write things.

then I’ll choose the way to do the flow. I’ll concentrate on the content. Then I’m sure there will be people coming. As long as there are 10 people coming today, I’m sure they’ll come tomorrow. So everyone should analyze their own core competitiveness, more do not flow method, any method is a good method, will not favor any method of hard-working people, but will not favor the industry’s new.

BEFREE share to everyone a CJ mode, this model is my previous period of packing a project, this project is to use soft text guide to promote reality product, the method is very simple:

, for example, I’m going to sell Dabao, but if I’m going to let you go to Taobao to search for Dabao, then you’ll definitely go to search for someone else’s home >

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