Analysis of the sources of website revenue

In fact, this is not

what to say, after all, their income and everyone is more than what is not. But if some of my income will give us some inspiration, or you see my communication, also can share their experience, that my purpose is to the Internet. The essence of the thing, that is to share and exchange.

in general, my station has undergone two major twists and turns, once from 05 years to 07 years, the second is 08 years, July to.

last time, may be a little bit of luck, just do a program to put up, Baidu included, one day to easily tens of thousands of IP, then one day there are nearly $ten, this day also lasted nearly a year, brought tens of thousands of income for me, the key is myself no update, don’t do anything else. Very easy. But at the same time, I have not been idle, but in learning SEO, website promotion knowledge.

personal feeling I still have the idea of it. But when a bit of luck.06 years, the school network began to fire up, personal feel to do such sites can earn a lot, first, this station is very few, second, because the code is matching the GG keyword must be the high price of English third, because we want to be the school network code, they did not see, but it is very easy to copy, click next to the GG advertising.

so soon, and I have another friend in this station. My idea is correct. At the start, a day included, there are about 5000 IP, but one day GG was more than 50 USD, startled us. It is not to say and I wrote an article in the ADMIN5 Code: campus network make ADSENSE crazy. You can search. (because of the station’s success, also let us two nearly one hundred thousand of revenue).

but soon we found good times don’t last long, Baidu station is not normal, it was K.GG since then, canceled advertising area for the click area. But to click on ads to open title advertising. Do not know is not affected by my station. (in fact, then follow our station of Trinidad and Tobago, because we do a search on Baidu before the amount of not more than ten thousand


site is K, no longer not care. Just update every day. Let me think of is actually in nearly two months after the K, Baidu also included, which surprised me. I know my two months’ efforts were not in vain. Very touched. Good joy.

look at the flow, included that day, more than ten thousand, after a week, traffic stability at about twenty thousand.

GG has about 15USD a day. Baidu search advertising 1500 search volume, at about 10 yuan. At the same time there are Fetion, not much, 5 yuan.

recently made a station, in fact, do not count the station, it can only be said to be a small directory, is >

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