The heart of love, everyone has web site also need packaging

deals with computers every day, basically no time to watch TV, know Li Yong’s new program "happy music collection", but has not been concerned until I saw a Robin Li guest on the program. "Happy music" is relatively late in many TV talk shows, but the ratings seem good. In fact, many television interview programs are similar, inviting celebrities to the program, telling the story of celebrity growth, audience interaction and so on, almost all of the interview programs are very similar.

I studied journalism at the University. I had some contact with TV programs. I also noticed the program when watching tv. Many television programs, many programs are similar in form, although the channels are many, but the program is almost the same style. A lot of television programs to introduce new forms from abroad, in order to give the audience a fresh, like Hunan TV, it is the introduction of many programs are trendsetter, products imported after the packing. China’s programs are relatively simple, but the television audience has not decreased. It may be a habit.

doesn’t say the TV program is single, and it’s the same problem. Templates, design, promotion methods, resources are limited, how to use limited resources to create unlimited value. It wasn’t easy, but someone did it. Chefs are tall and low, because they can make delicious dishes with the same ingredients. That’s the ability. Website ability also has difference, also have senior personage, it is the cattle man that often says, why can other people make such achievement?

?How does

make regular forms new


TV programs need audience ratings, the site requires the user to click rate, how to allow more users to click, and stay in the website? This is the website of the new, the quicker the problem of activity. A lot of website promotion article content is very much the same, the way that promotes, the activity below the line also those model, how to often see often new, this should see the glamour of the website.

stationmaster does not have the choice of website activity, how to maximize, attract the attention of the user? For example, pay attention to the details of the activities set, pay attention to the choice of activities, prizes, but also pay attention to the significance of activities, etc., this side to consider the effect of activities. Since the activity of each site is about the same, leave your users on your website in your own way.

enhances charisma

some people have charisma, he can attract many people unknowingly close to them, such as outdated fish, A5 webmaster network king, because there are personal charm, but also for the site to bring more popularity. Now many webmaster, may be less attractive fish and graph king, but China owners have tens of millions, not all people know them, you can show your charm from now on, develop their own "fans", let the surrounding more pawns began to "follow" you put yourself into a charming and attractive.

by your side, you are certainly not the latest person, you can play your own ability to help more

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