On the occasion of the era of electricity supplier website operation flow rule

electricity supplier era, as the enterprise’s network portal and marketing hub, the status and role of the site can not be underestimated. The site is by no means a vase type display. In a sense, the operation of the website is directly related to the success or failure of the entire enterprise network marketing, and even the sustainable development of the enterprise itself. Therefore, the era of electricity supplier website operation is destined to become the focus of enterprise marketing work, and to the successful operation of the website, we must focus on the occasion of homeopathy "rule.


first, operators must understand the occasion.

people say, "adversity makes a man grow up." in fact, this sentence is also problematic. What really makes people grow is to seek and make good use of the good times which are suitable for their own development, for people can only develop in the "good times" which are really conducive to their growth. This is the era of electricity supplier website operation, only to seize the good and selectively integrated use of all available resources, good occasion, with the most simple and convenient way to efficiently complete the related work, it is possible to obtain more and more opportunities for success. For example, news marketing, celebrity endorsements, hot spots, advertising explosion, and so on, all belong to this category.


must follow the trend of consumption.

B2B, B2C O2O, whether it is any marketing mode and so on, are just the concept of people according to the development trend of the electricity supplier structure, still can not break the user first, top interests for business reason, because any violation of commercial rationality and consumer trends operation is not desirable. Where your users are, and where your marketing should be, your business should take care of it. For example, if your user’s consumption situation has already begun to transfer on the Internet, that you do not blindly take the user to lead the line, but to learn how to stop and realized on the Internet, how to adapt to the trend of consumption, and as far as possible be marketing sovereign in their own hands.

, moreover, has its own operating rhythm.

any of the success of operation mode, all is the development of the market itself and based on their own needs, but not otherwise you can do. Do not operate for the website operation, do not over marketing or blindly follow the trend. The electricity supplier website must have their own rhythm, have their own ideas, must solve the traffic, prices, consumption habits and other aspects of the problem, must be consistent with their own development characteristics, only focus on the growth of the Internet. The era of big data, user experience is becoming the core of the website operation, website will achieve the ultimate user experience and wonderful, will be the site of the closed-loop marketing and customer service systems can improve health, to create a new mode of operation of the enterprise products and services to meet their own development needs but also fast attributes, can make the target user group changing.

business era, web site operators must adhere to the "to homeopathy" rule. In promoting their own strength at the same time, the site must also give full play to their advantages, and do a good job of basic products and services

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