My views on the development of the Forum

saw a hero saying ".."" today. If you don’t have a map that won’t keep you, then your plate will be the same. "

I dare say the style of the forum is ugly, outdated and outdated. But they still live in.

forum is very gorgeous, but no people! This is probably because a lot. So gorgeous, and lovely, have become no characteristics! Today at PW also discussed a " style; stolen " problem. Then I said, anti stealing and anti fake, a bird, you put the style imitation down for you are not necessarily Tianya community and as general imitation style was an hour, all the pictures copy down, write CSS good! Said so much, in the end is that a problem is important!


recently told me a lot of membership this plugin, get that… I have no mood to get… I think or engage in content, improve quality of an important forum!! I have to do my own definition of community become part of


first is a discussion forum is the core. Would you put BBS when CMS? Haven’t seen the talented people get something like this and have a little achievement… Maybe I need forum, with very limited knowledge and scanty information ~! Managers to guide members of the exchange, discuss ~!! ~

active atmosphere!

second is the information forum is good, can let you take the initiative to seek an information, and can browse other people passive messages! So information is very important!! here again the next sentence…." if you no plans to keep people, your plate is the same. "

ps: a little mood diary style, relatively messy, originally written in blog, and later felt that there is internal content, or vote for contributions..

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