The web site of a good web company is the foundation of its operation


I in the website operation process, and some enterprises will often communicate, we sometimes ask the most is: my site outside the chain of original content, strict quality, reasonable layout keywords website or stalled or why frequent problems, in fact, careful friends or have discovered, structure, section of the website the path set classification, reasonable layout is the basis of post operation, the foundation did not play well, later to pay more to get in return is not proportional. So today, how to choose a good Internet company to do web site and how to make a site in line with their brand keywords, briefly talk about your own suggestions.

is a small enterprise to build a website, because the company itself is small, no need to hire a programmer to special maintenance of website, and want to rely on the website to get some benefits, so that SEO can be "free" allows the site to bring traffic and orders, and promotion started to recruit SEO to responsible for the site. When some hope that the performance of their SEO beginners without demur agreed, the general has even old-fashioned outdated optimization techniques and to optimize the site did not see the benefits, then knew the importance of website structure, original content, only to find the find network company website is how garbage, garbage, structure the layout of the garbage, garbage because they do not understand the art, so it is easy to be networks fudge. So today, China’s first pesticide network operators to talk about how to choose a good network company, do a good structure of the site.

first need to be clear what is the purpose of your website is to profit? Or just for publicity or just give customers the company there is a website, the purpose of the site is also different; secondly to the idea of a good web site after the completion of what function? Such as sharing tools, user registration, comment again; forum content should be clear, our company to provide products or services themselves most clearly, we must make clear the site should have what sector put what content, and clear communication network company; finally, correct their attitude, because do not understand and will be willing to learn, and be responsible to you website programmer or department manager relationship after all, the site is that they are doing, if in a tough attitude always urge, request progress, the quality of the website is not optimistic about the production. Website needs a cycle, plus the domain name for twenty days or so, a website to do down, can on-line how also want a month time, unless you choose is free of record space.

now, how can you tell that a web company is trustworthy:

first: must go to their company to see, a lot of people literally search the relevant keywords on the Internet, find a network company began to build a station, this is very unscientific. Suggest a local network company, so that communication is more convenient, problems can easily be found to modify. Go to their company to see how many people work in the environment

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