That one is moving black. What is the DDoS of our server

A new report by

DDoS, the defense services market leader, shows that large service providers around the world are suffering from various DDoS attacks, according to a new report by Black Lotus. The attack range is very broad, covering all walks of life, of which 64% of the platform providers affected by DDoS attacks, 66% of hosting solutions providers and 66% of VoIP service providers affected.

DDoS attacks can have a very serious impact. 61% of all types of service providers threaten normal business operations by being attacked and even cause loss of profits or theft of customer privacy.

what is the threat of such a huge DDoS,




noun explains

DDoS:Distributed Denial of Service, that is, distributed denial of service attacks. By means of client / server technology, multiple computers are combined as an attack platform to launch DDoS attacks on one or more targets, thus doubling the power of denial of service attacks. Usually, an attacker using a stolen account will DDoS master program installed on a computer, in a set time master program with a large number of agent communication, many agents have been installed on the computer on the network. The agent attacks when it receives instructions. Using client / server technology, the master program can activate hundreds of agent operations in seconds.

image metaphor

can use an analogy to make a thorough understanding of what DDOS is. A group of bullies trying to get across to the house there is competition between the shops can not be normal business, they will take what means? The bully disguised as ordinary customers have been crowded in rival shops, hang out, real shoppers can not enter; or always and the clerk did not build a ride East pull Xiche, let the staff can not be normal customer service; also can provide false information to the shop operators, and the shops are busy but that is all in vain, finally ran the real big customer losses. In addition, the bullies finish these bad deeds, and sometimes the vouchers are hard to finish. They need to call a lot of people together. Well, the DoS and DDoS attacks in network security are following these lines of thinking.

reality version DDOS

Lyft is Uber’s competitor. For some time in 2014, Lyft drivers received many fake orders: someone ordered the car and cancelled the booking after the driver left. It turns out that at least 5560 of these fake orders come from 177 Uber employees. Even 1 Uber employees sent 680 fake orders to Lyft drivers with 14 fake accounts. Uber explains this, and probably means it’s coming

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