New station 3 days Baidu included celebration

first went to see the statistics today, I was shocked, even more than 100 IP. I’m really happy. Just made 3 days to be included, and there is flow.

happy legend February 6th beta. My station also passed up on that day. With the new cloud 3.1 program, the page is very simple. As the game has just been beta, all aspects of information is very small, only more than 20 articles. But all I added manually, and some of the official game data. Some players in the forum released Raiders, there are a few of my own play a few days, free and unfettered legend, wrote some of their views.

although Baidu only received 2 pages, but from the statistical point of view, there are a lot of keywords to traffic, I casually point a few, look at the first row of the page.

PV is now 1:4, although not high, but new sites, the content is not a lot, but also pretty good. Ha ha,


do is dumpster, novels, picture station have done, but I have some technology is too poor a month and included basic didn’t flow, once made me want to give up, I do for


sees hope again today. I want to be honest and steady. If you do not have any special technical skills, this will be the best way.

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