Study on segmentation strategy on 100 Google Aogu a word

today on the Google website administrator tool background, I saw the station ( is actually popular keywords: " 100 Valley ". What is strange! Not should be: " 100 Valley "? Is in the eye of Google these two words are the same? So in Google search box, enter "100 Aogu" and "100 Aogu" two words. The search results are consistent,

according to common sense, " 100 Valley " key words should be compound words, consists of two key words " " 100 abstruse cereal is actually a keyword. I have considered, is not the search engine will put " into " 100 Aogu; " " 3, 100 Aogu; independent words. After all, these three words are not good, combined into any word.

but from the search results, GG specific segmentation strategy of "100 abstruse cereal" a word may be such that he thinks it is composed of a "hundred" and "Aogu" two word compound keywords. "100" as a keyword that is easy to understand, "Aogu" is the sort of person? "Aogu" is a word in the search, there is a prompt: "are you looking for: okoume". Obviously, GG thinks that "Aogu" is "Aogu" misspelled words, "Aogu" is a word derived from "Aogu".

if I set up the above theory, we optimize the words "Olympic Valley" can be divided into his "100" and "Aogu" two key words were optimized, not necessarily adhere to as a whole optimization. In addition, in order to improve the degree of association, can also be appropriate to add some "100" and "Aogu", "ortigue" words related to the chain.

of course, these are only some of my personal speculation, and whether it is correct or not, will only be known by the comrades themselves. And most likely, as the keyword search volume increases, Google will treat it as a single, holistic keyword.

"100 abstruse cereal" the word segmentation strategy applies only to GG, Baidu is also a!   more contest 100 abstruse cereal Forum: 

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